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  1. Mnemosis

    wave 79

    Definitely never heard ole noseless called "bunny Wolverine." Also, not sure why he'd be in Bloodties. Magneto ripped out the adamantium in Fatal Attractions, but Wolverine didn't go feral until Genesis tried to rebond the adamantium to him. When he resisted,his body actively purged the metal, causing THIS transformation. That was well after Bloodties. Post-AoA even... I think.
  2. Mnemosis

    wave 79

    Uhhh... what is "Bunny Wolverine"?
  3. Mnemosis

    wave 79

    I don't know if you can draw that much cheekbone on a minimate face
  4. Also, did I miss the part where everybody freaks out over the new effects for Havok and Lorna or-- are you all just ignoring how amazing they are? Pretty sure you can slide their arms straight through the center circle for a really fantastic Havok pose
  5. Ugh... I want Depowered Jim Lee Bobby as much as I want Depowered Amazing Friends Bobby!
  6. Looks like you were the model for the Sandman Select (sans chops)
  7. Liefeld Warpath with Capullo parts/Zero Liefeld Sunspot/Reignfire with parts to make Capullo Sunspot T-O Cable/Stryfe Liefeld Boom Boom/Kane Possible alternates include Gideon, Krule, GW Bridge, and Black Tom
  8. My top picks for new characters from the 90s: Stryfe, Shard, X-Cutioner, Exodus, Cortez, Maverick, Strong Guy An X-Cutioner's Song, Fatal Attractions, Phalanx Covenant, or X-Force or X-Factor wave would ALL work for me, though considering some of the Customs I've made, some might be an easier sell than others
  9. Does Jude Law come with some sort of visor?
  10. I'm thinking of modding a "punch myself in the face" Spider-Man with one of my spares
  11. Mnemosis

    wave 77

    Puma is getting a Legend, so maybe?
  12. Mnemosis

    WAVE 76

    I meant for the walgreens wave we were discussing
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