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Modifying Marvel Minimates


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49 minutes ago, Heinous said:

That's pretty awesome! Is that a current costume? 

I wish! It was their graduation looks that first started in Uncanny X-Men annual 10 when Longshot joined the team. It showed up as white in the first iteration but then made two more appearances in red (that I also kit bashed but I just love the white version more.magik-costume3.jpg

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Two very quick ones you can make to compliment Wave 78:


Valerie Cooper, X-Factor's liaison wore this costume intermittently when she would go into action with the team. This look debuted in X-Factor #78. The team made fun of it.



It's just Polaris' costume and her Minimate with a different head (that hairpiece is the John Byrne Sue Storm mullet which I otherwise would never use but think works really well for this... the head is a spare Strike Force Psylocke which was just the first spare female head I had). The only major design difference is she has yellow lining down her legs which would be easy to probably find someone else who has that but I didn't feel it was essential. Also, she is wearing sneakers there which I don't think she does beyond that scene.

Quicksilver wore this X-Factor uniform starting in X-Factor #93. Then he left the book after X-Factor #95. He also wore it in Uncanny X-Men #304 and #306 and, had Andy Kubert not just drawn him in his classic costume, should have been wearing it in X-Men #25 (the issue where Wolverine gets his skeleton torn out by Magneto).



In the past, I used to just slap a Pietro head onto the old X-Factor Cyclops. But Havok's new chest block works even better and matches Pietro's look more. The rest is just that X-Factor Cyke with a Pietro head. Maybe if I was feeling a bit more inspired I'd try and use Cable parts to do the original version with all the gadgets that he only wore for that single panel there.

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1 hour ago, AFMcGill said:

Two very quick ones you can make to compliment Wave 78


More than just two! This is a wave you need at least two of! In addition to those two you can take the Polaris hair piece and add it to the Jean head and the strike force costume to make her “government approved” costume. Also took the face to update the original Lorna. 

 The spare Scott can be used for an X-Man, the spare Jean for a Husk, the Beast can go with either X-Men/Avengers, as for Wareen you can use a Kree head and the spare Alex hair to make an uncowled look (sure he had a mullet but we ignore that) or use the hair piece for Cannonball in his X-Men costume. I’m taking scissors to his wings to do a retracted wings look. Rahne of course needs three looks: full out Wolf Girl, her hybrid look, and human. I have all the photos ready to go but trying to only post on Instagram once a day. 


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Ha, I think I was the first one to point out Husk wore it in that two panel appearance in Days of Future Now. Definitely worth using for a makeshift Husk, maybe even M and Jubilee, since it is Gen X's colours (give them all a different head or different flourishes like Jubliee's jacket and you can kinda get away with it). Someone, I can't remember who, wore the blue and white one in that Days of Future Now story too. And Hellion and Mercury wore those two costumes briefly in the Danger Room in an issue of New X-Men. There's also that one issue of Alpha Flight where their costumes get sent on the wrong flight and they have to wear X-Factor spares... loads of stuff to make.

But I think Pietro and Val are the obvious ones. That Pietro, albeit it with the old X-Factor Cyclops, was like one of the very very first modifications I made. Your Val also made me realise she needs Alex's arms instead of Lorna's which is incredibly useful and perfect, since I needed Lorna's arms for Nate Grey and I had no use for Havok's arms).

Wouldn't be able to reflect his powers, tattoos or his bigger size, but I can't help but feel Random is very very doable with a bunch of Thunderstrike parts and then some 'mates from the Walking Dead line.

I can't remember what she wore but wasn't Shard's costume not entirely dissimilar to this Polaris too?

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11 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

Would Havok's jacket work for Val? She's wearing one in the comic art.

Yes, she should be wearing Alex’s Jacket and tennis shoes but the jacket covers up the majority of the chest block so until I can cut it to fit I’m just displaying as is. For the shoes, well who’s seriously wearing Nike’s for a battle when you have Moira and Forge tech on hand.

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1 hour ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

I'd like to see Genis' blue and red starfield costume, to build up the Avengers Forever roster.

SAME! I’m honestly surprised that we haven’t gotten a set from it yet.

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1 hour ago, NerdyTrev said:

Anybody have a way to detach classic Avengers Wasp's wings from her chestpiece? I've had this figure for years and have been terrified of snapping the pegs off. 

Hot water trick just to be sure. Then after they dry and cool put a little lotion on the back pegs. I do that for all mine just to be sure and haven’t had an accident yet. 

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