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Modifying Marvel Minimates


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Finalized versions of my custom Giant-Man and Wasp figs;


Giant-Man is primarily based on his EMH counterpart (my favorite design of the character ever). The bulk of the figure is the Wave 44 Giant-Man from 2012, with the belt being taken from a first movie Ant-Man, the head a Wave 45 Captain America from the first Avengers movie, and the mask of a Wave 29 Captain America but with antennae cut from action figure package plastic glued on and painted.

Wasp is more loosely based on her EMH counterpart with predominant elements of her mid-2000s costume. Her head is a first Ant-Man movie Hope van Dyne (tho this figure is intended to be Janet van Dyne, for clarification) torso is an animated Wasp's, the legs a spare Wave 24 Venom I had, the gloves, boots, and wing harness from an X-Men: First Class Angel, and the wings from the original Wasp from 2008.

Overall, I'm super satisfied with how these two came out. Definitely will be having these as my placeholder figures with my Avengers stuff until Diamond finally puts out brand new figures of Hank and Janet later on 😆

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