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New Licenses, What would YOU like to see Minimated ?

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Anyone else want Bubba Hotep 'Mates?

Best. One-Off. Boxset. Ever.



Bubba Ho-Tep


Anyone you would replace with anyone?

DONE! SOLD! Man, what an EPIC set that would be! It would be big man, real big, like the size o' my fist,

the size of a peanut butter banana sandwich!

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You never know, it could be epicly awesome! There aren't enough good westerns made these days! True Grit was fantastic, but Jonah Hex broke my heart! Although the new Lone Ranger movie does look like the Depp is gonna make it Pirates of the Carribean in the desert...

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I am super late to this party BUT I want to see some minimates for things that will help expand the minimate universe which unfortunately means Tween. Give me some Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural minimates. Give me some cult classics like Chuck, X-Files, Firefly. AND bring back the Trek for the new movie!

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Not as late to the party as me! This is my fave thread so far...

Lots of cool ideas for mates on here. I'd deff go for some Warriors action.

One of my wishes was granted when Chuck Norris was minimate'd. Now if they do Miami Vice and Renegade and I get a Don Johnson one and a Lorenzo Lamas minimate life would pretty sweet XD

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Futurama 'mates would be awesome!

Series 1

- Fry & Mom

- Bender & Robot Devil

- Hermes & Morbo

- Amy & Roberto

Series 2

- Leela & Lrrr

- Zoidberg & Calculon

- Kif Kroker & URL

- Scruffy & Professor Wernstrom

A couple of Convention exclusives:

Convention "Robot Mafia" exclusive 4-pack:

- Donbot

- Clamps

- Joey Mousepad

- Blotto (Bender variant with additional alternate "Flexo" head)

- Tinny Tim (Snarf style mini figure)

Convention "Presidential Pack" set:

- Richard Nixon's head and Al Gore's head

- Headless body of Agnew

A single set of vehicles is all you would need:

- Planet Express with Professor Farnsworth and Nibbler (Snarf style mini-figure)

- D.O.O.P. Nimbus with Zapp Brannigan

Then, all that is needed is an in-scale version of the Planet Express building, maybe a light-up statue like the Ghostbusters Firehouse.


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Don't know if this has already been suggested (I'm new here and must admit I haven't read through this entire thread), but I'd LOVE to see DragonballZ Minimates. A few other anime properties would be great as well

New to this thread, but seriously. I would be so broke after such a plastic blessing. Scouters...such wonderful options for boxsets...multiple hair options for super heart wouldn't even be broken if they re-used the blast-type pieces from street-fighter. Nintendo would be killer. I would really love TMNT. Maybe a few boxsets or a good series. I just want to be humored with one boxset of four turtles<3...sweat.gif

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I think Masters of the Universe 'Mates would be sweet. Even more so than the Thundercats. It has probably been discussed already in the previous 35 pages, but I'm late to the party and everyone's already drunk.

"Mattycollector" has teased some sort of urban vinyl / chibi / mini /cutesy kinda thing already, but it was just a proof-of-concept kinda thing and was never produced. Frankly, with Funko (I believe) doing something with MOTU, I think the property is ripe for some serious MiniMate-ing, which would be infinitely cooler.

And in related news:

* Army of Darkness

* ...and/or a general modern horror line (Krueger, Jason, Myers, Leatherface)

* Kick-Ass

* 80s camp Sci-Fi classics (Krull, Flash Gordon)

* the VENTURE BROTHERS (separation for emphasis)

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The A-Team

with Van vehicle, which I would buy a duplicate to customize into a Punisher Van!

But dammit, I still want a Mr T 2-inch mate, and would love to get the entire 1st season team. Just one 4-pack with Hannibal, Face, B.A., and Howling Mad Murdock! Then the van can come with a Mr T variant, because that would be the best for sales.

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Starship Troopers. I've always hoped this license would get picked up. Its kind of a big deal for my wife and I. Our first real date was me taking her to see it and her hating it. ermm.gif

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Here is my list for 2014-17 (more of a fantasy - what would make DST a ton of money fantasy)

Major Movie Franchise Category (T2, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Aliens): Star Wars

Minor Movie Category (Rocky, Platoon, Dollar Western Trilogy, DSS, Silence of Lambs, Universal Monsters): The Matrix, E.T.

Video Game Category (Street Fighter 2, Sony, Halo, Tomb Raider): Final Fantasy

SciFi TV Category (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica): Dr. Who

Nostalgia/80s TV Category (Knight Rider, Munsters, Thundercats): Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, Miami Vice

Independent Category (MAX Heroes, Femme Fatales, Calico Jack): MAX Soldiers (packs and boxsets with Army guys, Roman legion, Samurai, Civil War)

Comics Category (Marvel, The Walking Dead, Invincible, DC, BattleBeasts): Hellboy

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oops, you can delete that Sailor Moon thread. still finding my way around the multiverse.....

I think Sailor Moon minimates make perfect sense. its exactly the kind of property that lends itself to stylized cutesy type figures. I think if you threw up 4 packs in the dreaded "pink" aisle and marketed them to girls, collecters and fans would brave the embarassment it would take to obtain them (not to mention every female who gets a look at my minimates collection loses her mind about how adorable they are)

using the Thundercats business model.....

set 1

Sailor Moon


Tuxedo Mask

Queen Beryl

mini figure Luna

set 2

Sailor Mars (with fireball attachment, hand with scroll)

Sailor Mercury (bubble base)



set 3

Sailor Venus

Sailor Jupiter (alt antenna hair with lightning effect piece)



mini figure Artemis

there were also a ton of crazy monsters that could be made, perhaps as internet exclusives. Id be happy with just the 5 main scouts and their cats but theoretically thelne could last a while.

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I am super late to this party BUT I want to see some minimates for things that will help expand the minimate universe which unfortunately means Tween. Give me some Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural minimates. Give me some cult classics like Chuck, X-Files, Firefly. AND bring back the Trek for the new movie!

See, it's interesting you posted about Trek in Dec 2012, because the new art sheets on DST's FB page state they were finalized in Oct 2012. So, how many other items from our wishlisting exist as concept art awaiting production :)

Does anyone else notice a pattern to what DST makes? It seems like for a lot of licenses NOT having an active movie come out, they stagger those every few years. (Aliens, Terminator, Ghostbusters, BTTF). We don't get a lot of the independent box sets like we used to unless there's a movie project out (Expendables), but no more one-and-done for classic movies (Platoon), although we do get the occasional TV series project (upcoming Lost in Space, Munsters car, KITT) when DST wants to make other projects.

SO when it comes to vintage licenses, we get them when there's ancillary products DST wants to make (die-cast cars & LiS Robot or vinyl banks), or if they can do multiple waves of minimates, or of course the current movie projects. And of course it's all dependent upon the reasonableness of the license-owner for costs.

I think DST has their own internal wishlist of licenses they hope to pursue. And what would things have been like if they gave us everything at once, such as Ghostbusters, Aliens, T2 & BTTF all in the same year along with Marvel and the usual movie projects? We would likely not have had the same depth of range as we get when they're spread out. DST intentionally (wisely) spreads them out to do the licenses justice, and to keep us and them from going broke, along with giving us stuff to look forward to in the future.

All that being said, I think a lot of things on this thread have a good chance of being made if they can fit the criteria I mentioned. Here's what I see having a good chance of being made eventually:

Predator - I count this as a 100% sure thing once Aliens is finished. I do expect Aliens to expand into Alien and A3 & A4 as well. Predator will likely be based on multiple movies due to the different Predator designs, but I'd be shocked if we never get a minimate Predator in some form one day.

Robocop - especially with the new movie coming, I see it as likely, even if it's just a "vehicle" pack of ED-209 with Robocop mate.

LOTR & Hobbit - If it doesn't happen in the next decade, I'll be shocked. I believe it's all tied in to cost of the license, because as far as waves of minimates, this would outlast every movie property we've gotten so far. This will be an Evergreen license in that someone, somewhere will be making stuff for it for a long time and in cycles, and fits all the minimate criteria. Hoping the party gets started soon with Hobbit 2 coming this year.

Army of Darkness (Evil Dead): With a sequel with The Man Bruce Campell coming, it has a greater chance of happening sooner. The only thing I think preventing it is other toy companies sitting on a master-license (not sure if that's the case or not). But this line even without the movie meets all the criteria - Monsters, Cult Classic, and extremely Toy-etic. But most importantly, the license holder has been quite agressive on licensing it out (see the multiple home video releases alone). Another line I give a near 100% chance of happening in the next decade.

Forbidden Planet: Once they've sold out robot B9 from LiS, I imagine at some point one day they'll look to doing Robbie the Robot. That sucker's been licensed so many times over the past several decades, I guess it's only a matter of time before DST gets their shot. Again, based on license cost. And I don't see them wanting the two robots to compete at retail. But I'd love a box set (preferrably two) and a Robbie with his "car" vehicle minimate release.

A-Team - similar to KITT, I can see DST wanting to do a diecast, and hopefully a minimate vehicle and team 4-pack. Totally dependant on the cost of the license and if DST thinks it's worth their time. Shame it didn't happen with the recent movie. I'd give it maybe a 50% chance. (with 100% chance I'd buy them all :) )

Planet of the Apes (Classic) - the granddaddy of licensed products. Basically up to DST if they think it's worth it to them to pursue. It could last multiple waves similar to GB, T2, BTTF & aliens, has the same cult following factor (maybe not as strong), but to me they seem incredibly toy-etic. Another movie is coming soon.

Star Wars & Indiana Jones: Yeah right. This topic has been almost beaten to death. SW has too many licensees. We all know DST wants to make them. As for Indy, I think Hasbro is actually sitting on the main license and just waiting for it to expire. Sad too, because I think I'd be far more excited at this point for Indy minimates over Star Wars (love SW, just merchandised to death!). MAYBE, and that's a huge maybe, Indiana Jones *could* happen one day, as it's the perfect fit for minimates and the character selection would beat any Indy line ever done. I think Indy is a matter of cost. IF they get the costs ironed out, an Indiana Jones line would be a slam-dunk home run. Every collection deserves a minimate Indy and Mola Ram! I'd actually like to see DST just aggressively go after the Indiana Jones license alone, since SW is just a mess.

Universal Monsters: another Evergreen property, with different stuff made every year. Maybe, just maybe after they've been off the shelves for 10 years or so they might try this again, hopefully with a different approach, more accessories, and preferrably more mixing & matching besides only two movies/year. But someone, somewhere is selling UM merchandise every year. I really hope DST gives it another go around some day. Monsters sell.

Every other limited merchandise movie: I'd love to see a Movie Maniacs - style offering some day similar to the Playstation wave where each pack is from a different property. Maybe a mix & match of different genres (Sci-Fi, Horror, Cult Classics, etc) so you can get out designs like Freddy Krueger, Jason, Leatherface, Gort, Chucky, etc. (maybe even some of those Universal Monster movies that don't need a 4-pack like Invisible Man, Metaluna Alien, Mole People and Lon Chaney Phantom) This would also be an awesome way to do the CBS TV properties DST already has the license to, and do a TV wave mixing in a Twilight Zone 2-pack, Munsters 2-pack, Gilligan & Skipper, etc, basically anything that couldn't be licensed on it's own. (Munsters don't seem to be able to get their own 4-pack, so spread the remaining family over a few waves of a series like this, similar to having a Twilight Zone 2-pack over a few waves) and whatever Lost in Space remains after whatever we do get (since they've only shown us 2 figures and haven't told us their full plans). This is all dependent on licenising and costs (hopefully not too much of a nightmare!) But for a Horror-themed line, it would be easy to do the scarier/bloodier variants at specialty. Make Freddy w/ victim, Jason w/victim, etc to keep each 2-pack a seperate license.

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Saw a little bit of it on TV today. Could get a couple boxed sets out of that one. Or it'd make a nice custom project for someone with some talent!

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I love a lot of the ideas on here... and I may be the only one who wants this but... I want a Mr Bean vehicle. That's right, I want his little greenish mini car with a minimate of him that comes with a briefcase and his teddy and maybe an extra head for another expression or one printed on the back. Mr Bean has bigtime international appeal. They should DO IT. Just a nice little one-off.

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Lately, I've backed off the big 2 publishers, and have been picking up Archie comics here and there. Then I wanted some sort of figures, and there's not much out there. Some bendies, some Burger King toys, and a bunch of dolls. Minimates would work! A couple waves or boxed sets would get me all the characters I want, but I'd be in for the more obscure characters also.

Then you could also do Afterlife with Archie as a boxed set and maybe something with the MLJ/Archie Heroes.

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Though I'm kinda still on the fence about the Lone Ranger remake coming up, I would like to see minimates based on it and, hopefully, the original. Lone Ranger was my freakin hero man.

Welp past me, f**k that. That movie was AWFUL.

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I've been craving Minimates based on TV shows that I like. Some that I would 100% buy:

*Twin Peaks - This would be my dream license to get the Minimate treatment. Make every character and every variation of that character and I would buy two of each.

*Fringe - I would really like some form of collectible from one of my favorite shows. All of the major players with their alt versions and possibly a secondary character or two.

*Carnivàle - A couple of box sets would do it for this cool show.

*Arrested Development - Because who doesn't want a Mr. Banana Grabber?

*Longmire - A kind of left field show that I was surprised to really like. A couple of box sets would be great.

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