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  1. I've recently gone back to playing Devil May Cry and God of War on the PS2 due to lack of interest in any of the games (until SW: The Force Unleashed is released) currently on release...
  2. Wasn't gonna pick up Oil Slick as i didn't like the initial pictures of him but last night i broke down and picked him up... "Having lost his Swoop in an earlier battle with Durge, Obi Wan had to resort to desperate measures..." He's pretty cool actually, a lot better than i expected him to be...
  3. Must be an amazing feeling to be up there and to be able to look out on that view...
  4. TM2, Basically what Deadpool said, i just used a permanent marker, carefully outlined the raised bits and then blacked them out... Also, my Chelsea F.C 2008/2009 shirt turned up last week... Quite proud of that although i have had to explain to a few of my football mates who Bruticus was and how it relates to me...
  5. Someone pointed me towards this video and i still find it awe inspiring... El Camino Del Rey I probably find it fascinating because there's absolutely no chance that you would get me up that high without the use of sedatives
  6. The soundtrack wasn't that fantastic... The Steve Jablonsky score on the other hand... In my opinion a winner all the way *nods*
  7. Overall i liked the first film, it was good for what it was and it could have been a hell of a lot worse than it was i guess...
  8. I just carefully outlined the area to be coloured with a black permanent marker and then filled it in... It worked well when i used it to black out my spare MM Aragorn so i thought why not... Easy to touch up if it gets scratched as well
  9. I am but i'm probably in the minority of people who actually enjoyed the first film On a separate note, my other two Animated Dinobots turned up yesterday... Swoop is OK but Slag is awesome!!! And yeah, i know that Hasbro didn't use the name Slag because of the meaning in the UK but as far as i'm concerned, he's Slag, end of story...
  10. Sort of why i'm holding off buying Onslaught to be honest...He looks an amazing figure but so did Prowl in all the initial pictures... I'm gonna give the Reprolabels a go, can't hurt to try and can't make him look any worse *shrugs*
  11. I also managed to pick up Universe/Classics 2.0 Prowl and Sunstreaker yesterday... Sunstreaker is actually pretty good, Prowl i like but he somehow manages to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth... I don't know if it's because he feels knock off cheapish or because of the total lack of detail on the arms and thighs... But i'm gonna try ordering the upgrade stickers from Reprolabels and see if that helps sway my opinion because i want to like him, i really do...
  12. See, i sort of agree and don''re paying for a custom figure, a (possibly) one off figure that nobody else has and that someone has spent time and money to make and poured their energy into, much like a lot of the customisers here... That to me makes it special although obviously there is a limit (person to person obviously) on how much you spend to get that figure... And have TF: Animated MM's been announced ? Also found a custom Bumblebee & Soundwave set of Munnys
  13. Talking of Transformers Mighty Muggs, found this on my travels... Custom made but totally works with the MM body *nods*
  14. I might have to pick them up then based solely on the fact of General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader and the Phase II Clone Trooper...
  15. Cheers dude By the looks of it in the Clone Wars Handbook (PDF) we're getting some new Galactic Heroes based on the new Clone Wars but as yet i haven't seen anything Kubrick based... And i might have to pick up the Wave 10 figures depending on who's in it...
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