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    wave 79

    I can't make it fit New Warriors either, I know a couple of us have requested them... Three new characters (my wave is 4)- Night Thrasher, Namorita, Rage, Marvel Boy/Justice Four Redos (I only come up with 3) - Firestar, Speedball (Penance), Nova Otherwise I'm going with a 90's character wave Three new characters - Darkhawk, Speedball, Death's Head (I or II) Four redos - ???
  3. From the cancellation list with the most recent PREVIEWS... (4 means Cancelled by Publisher) DIAMOND SELECT TOYS LLC FEB192441 BRUCE LEE MINIMATES BOX SET 4 FEB192442 KINGDOM HEARTS MINIMATES SERIES 3 ASST 4
  4. "APR192531 A Diamond Select Toys release! He's a wee Wick! Fans of the John Wick franchise of films can now re-enact the action on their shelf with this box set of 2-inch Minimates based on John Wick Chapter 2! John Wick, Cassian, Winston and the Bowery King each feature 14 points of articulation, and the set includes multiple interchangeable parts and accessories. Designed by Barry Bradfield! In Shops: Aug 28, 2019 SRP: $24.99"
  5. And liking it even more this year. And per today's Ask DST... "Damon K. Hi, I’m a huge fan of your Star Trek ships and weapon replicas and I was wondering is there any possibility of you getting the license to make Orville products? DSTChuck: A few of us at the office are fans of the show (I have S2 on my DVR) so we’ve talked about it, but we’ll see!" Yes please.
  6. Wow, you can actually buy boxes of Colon Blow now!
  7. This showed up last night. Expensive but cool. And pretty far out on date. Fingers crossed.
  8. JeffBohn

    wave 77 These are the pages I keep an eye on. They'll be on the Previews Catalog page when they update to the Feb 2019 catalog, but sometimes BBTS beats them by a little bit. Unless a website has an exclusive premier of them, then they'll have it first (usually at
  9. Wave 4, the Wind Raider, and the Masters of the Universe 5 pack are starting to show up at Wal-Marts. I haven't found Evil-Lyn or Hellboy yet, but have seen the rest of Wave 4, and only seen reports and shelf tags for the Wind Raider and 5 pack.
  10. "Nope, just delayed a bit... Stay tuned for more previews this week :)"
  11. " At this moment we do not have any more Predator MM planned, but we’ve tried to make this line as complete as possible, and the new movie box set hits this week! " (edit - actually next week, 11/21 according to Diamond's shipping lists)
  12. I will keep a look out for him. I know I've seen Picard, Kirk, Spock and Borg lately, but don't recall a Data.
  14. Haven’t seen any wave 4 yet. Did find a couple Skeletors at an out of the way Wal-Mart. Just need Teela and He-Man now.
  15. Ha! I was gathering my New Warriors last night and couldn't bring myself to add Penance to the group.
  16. Marvel Boy with alternate chest block (or the starred chest printed on the back) and head to make Vance Astro. If I had any customizing skill that would be my first project!
  17. SELECT TOYS LLC John Wick Vinimates, a very cool Muppets Animal bust, more Select Kingdom Hearts, Select Pacific Rim and a bunch of cool statues.
  18. I did find Fry and Bender at Tuesday Morning for $2.99 each. Also found wave 1 minus the two MotU figures I wanted at a Walmart. And a Beast Man at Meijer.
  19. It took me to the third wave, but I'm finally getting into these. I like the variety of characters available, but I think it may be frustrating trying to complete anything. So far I'm going to probably grab the Masters of the Universe and the TMNT 'Mirage' style figures. Would probably grab the Futurama figures if I ran across them again. Aliens, Star Trek and Terminator I'm perfectly happy with the Minimates I have. Will pick and choose across the other figures available too, Hellboy is a must buy, probably Kratos too. So, now that I'm trying to get the older MotU figures (only have Faker so far), where are people finding them? Wal-Mart availability seems spotty, between 4 Wal-marts I only found them at 2. I used to see them at TRU, no longer an option. Target and Walgreens only seem to get the Call of Duty (I think it's Call of Duty) or HALO figures. Currently searching for wave 1 and 2 Motu figures (or may wait for the 5 pack coming), and also Fry and Bender. (I did see someone state wave 2 has showed up at Tuesday Morning stores, may make a stop tonight).
  20. “The first Predator Minimates box set revealed! Casey Bracket, Quinn McKenna, Rory McKenna and Fugitive Predator make up the four-pack, coming this winter to a comic shop near you.” Not what I was expecting. Hopefully this means another box set with the other Predator, Traeger (Brown), Keyes (Busey) and Cole (Key). Or any of the other ‘Looneys.’ Can’t wait for next weekend.
  21. And now I hit the 3 friends requirement on research, so I need 3 more. Between the four of us, it's totally plausible we could find a middle ground to train, since we are all in WI or IL
  22. I'd be in for a Sgt. Slaughter! For LOD there's an easy answer, just not sure how available it is to pull together 50 of them!
  23. Ha, I'm the same. I've already started thinking that since I've got Batman and Harley, maybe I should pick up the rest of the Bat-family... which will lead to the rest of the DC characters.
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