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  1. I've been out of the game for a while, but 50$ or not, I'm getting these for sure. I'll probably not get two though; 50$ (plus shipping) is too much for me to buy another set just for Franklin/Val customs and end up with extras that I'll have no use for. Still, I'm excited for this set; the packaging looks great too.
  2. Bummer. His Post-SW look was unique enough that I thought he had a shot. Thanks for the info though!
  3. Thanks for the responses. I was mostly interested in a projected release date and whether any accessories were added (I've been trying to find a good head for a civillian Doom for a while now, and best I could do was Union Jack's with Nite Owl's head; with Iron Doom being unscarred I figured an unmasked head had good chances). Still, I'm looking forward to it. Nothing else Marvel related, I assume? No interest in PR, but they look great.The Transformers & Cobra stuff tempt me more.
  4. I can see myself buying the Cobras. Power Rangers is good news, I’m sure they’ll do well. Anything on Wave 82/Marvel?
  5. I've been meaning to get those ever since they came out. One day I'll create a proper MGS shelf...
  6. I was hoping for MGS for the "Mystery License" (I just want some new MGS merch), but this is close enough, I guess... Bar Snake Eyes and maybe Scarlet I'm not all that interested in the Joes, but boy, am I going to buy those Cobras, even if I'm out of MMs outside of special ocassions.
  7. I saw these on ToyArk. I'm not a huge TF fan, but these look fun. A boxset once in a while is something I might snag. Bring on those Decepticons.
  8. I think there's an F4 Crossover coming out. Antithesis or something. Corona ruined schedules a bit. But I'm not really sure. He's not appearing in any ongoing series, if that's what you're asking. Surfer was part of Cates' GotG which ended months ago. Now we've got Ewing's GotG.
  9. Oh, I see. As for the Symbiotes, I like them when they're Marvel's Xenomorph x Thing hybrid. I remember that 2003 Venom series which started off as a Thing rip-off pretty fondly. When they add too much lore they lose their appeal. Still, I prefer the Cates take over Bendis' "maaaaaan, they like, are some kinda like, space guardians or something". His Dr. Strange I think I bought. It was the one with Loki as Sorcerer Supreme, wasn't it? It was fun. His Venom I like when it's low-tier Lovecraftian/Eldritch, but the "civvie" stuff are rather boring. His Maker and that subplot are pretty good though. I honestly found his GotG to be quite stupid. But then again, I'm not liking Ewing's run either (because yes, Hera totally is black with a pink afro...) and I honestly find him a tad overrated as well. He just has a knack for continuity. He tries to be Morrison, but he's not on par. Cates' work I don't love or anything, but the man sets out to make fun capecomics, and I honestly can't blame him too much. At least he's not Snyder, producing whatever the Hell Death Metal is...
  10. I'll speedrun through it on a slow Wednesday, probably. I like that Cosmic nonsense, even if it's just schlocky and trite. But, like I said, I'll take it over the Post-2015 "stories".
  11. Long story short, Cates, the current Venom writer, came up with this SUPER ULTRA MEGA CHTONIC ELDRITCH GIGAVILLAIN called Knull, who's the creator of the Symbiotes, looks like an edgy Elric, and he's trying to destroy reality and go back to the eternal darkness. The "spider" is supposed to be an alien symbiote dragon or something. Cates turned Venom into a quasi Lovecraftian book, and is now writing Thor, which borrows some stuff from that lore. Anyway, in all those Venom issues and the recent Carnage event he kept repeating the phrase "GOD IS COMING". There's a crossover/event/whatever called "The King In Black" or something with Knull attacking and stuff. I don't keep up, I just check solicits and some threads every so often. Most folsk online hate it, but eh, it's dumb, schlocky fun. It's literally capes, what are they expecting?
  12. Well, there's only so many designs that you can do and do well. Now that KNULL IS COMING, we're in for more Cosmic Edgyness. I know everyone hates Knull, but honestly, it's dumb, schlocky cape fun. The design's typical but fun and I like the gimmick. I'll take him over the 10s Marvel period. Now that was a true low point.
  13. Yeah. Black Surfer is Silver Surfer who got KNULLED. It's from a recent mini with Trad Moore on art. The Fallen One is an old Herald.
  14. I haven't bought Minimates for... about 6 or so years now, but I am surely getting these. Between this and that Dark Phoenix wave (getting it mostly for the Shi'ar than the Muties), plus Ghost, I'm quite satisfied. Is Doom going to get an unmasked head? I've ben trying to find one that fits him and nothing. And he's had many looks over the years between classic, Marquez and Maleev, but I'm coming up short... The arms kinda worry me, if they are those used on the Iron Men with the limited articulation, but I'm not sure if I'm identifying them correctly. Nevertheless, this is great. I'll also buy a second to kitbash civilian looks. The extra bodies of Reed and Sue will be turned into Franklin and Val. The extra Johnny's body I'll probably turn into some What If/AU Doom-as-an-F4-member. Dunno what I'll do with Ben, but I'll think of something. Maybe give him boots and create a "redesign" of my own. The extra Doom I'll surely use as a base to create my Doom redesign in minimate form. The extra Black Surfer... He actually looks a whole lot like the Fallen One. I'll just need to give him some bluish, transluscent hairpiece ala Frankie Raye. Doable, and it'd be a nice addition. Now I wish we could get a new Namor. Maybe some Doctor Strange or Iron Man stuff too. Still, big win for me.
  15. Yes, because the forum is so alive these days that they're really breaking up the sparkling conversation... Whatever, see you next year.
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