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New Licenses, What would YOU like to see Minimated ?

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My want list now includes GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS.  Lots of fun, crazy creations that would be fun Minimates. Webcomic had a successful kickstarter for a hardcover ($75K), then reprinted by Image. Ongoing series starts in September from Image Comics.


Star Grass could come with multiple head options, Gnarled Winslow with different arm options, lots of fun designs.

So my list is now HACK/SLASH, AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, ARCHER, and GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS. Not holding my breath, but it's my wish list!

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Properties that I would see to see in minimate form:

NFL (could have a box of set teams best players in each team's stadium store.)


G.I. Joe

Stars Wars (of course)

Final Fantasy VII

Indiana Jones

DC (of course, not going to happen)


Musician Box Sets (Things like a 3 pack box set of Nirvana, or for the teenie boopers a box set of One Direction)

X-Men: Animated Series (bring on the X-Men love)

Lost (i would sell my and your soul to get these)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Trailer Park Boys

The Office (American Version)

Star Wars (seriously they are owned by Disney now, make this happen)

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Supernatural. I'd love to have Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby, and some monsters as Minimates. I'd also really like Avatar/Legend of Korra Minimates since they'd have really cool bending effects. I'm just worried it's not popular enough because they don't show it on tv anymore and they just air the episodes online. I bought the game for $15 to show my support though.

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Sleepy Hollow.

Mills, Moloch, Crane and the Horseman could be a box set OR you could swing a wave..



Jenny/Sin Eater


Different reissues of Abby and Ichabod could anchor a second wave with Katrina, more monsters, and Not-Mathew-McConaughey

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I know the show is ending this season, but a line of Sons of Anarchy 'mates and bikes would be fun. Maybe pack 2 Sons and 2 bikes per boxset, with a 'civilian' character and alternate parts.

Clay/Bobby/Gemma (alternate parts for Piney)

Jax/Opie/Tara (alternate parts for Wendy)

Juice/Chibs/Unser (alternate parts for Ratboy)

Tig/Happy/Nero (alternate parts for Otto)

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Don't know how many folks here have read this series, but I'd like to see Elfquest minimates.

This would be a dream come true for me and many other Elfquest fans. The properties never really been given it's due, as far as merchandise. Us fans are ready for someone to do things right and BIG! We would buy all of them because every character is our favorite character. With so many factions and histories the property is perfect for collectibility.


And if you're unfamiliar with Elfquest do me and yourself a favor and start reading the original quest, toward the bottom of this page:

There's nothing like it!

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I would want

LOST (I dream of these everyday)

I Love Lucy (Id be happy with a 4 pack)


Jurassic Park (Just want the people)

Event Horizen (ever since I saw this as a kid I wanted toys of it)

Arrested Development

Married with children

Fraiser (The main 5 and Eddie, ever since I got the X3 beast)

DC Movies

Im sure Ill think of more but these Ive been wanting for the longest.

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