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  1. It really felt like an underhanded apology, since he went and criticised me again right after it in the same post. And no, I don't just jump on Zach every time, I've kept my mouth shut for years about it. He challenged me to defend my position, now he claims he's never done such a thing. And the yb lives up to his username and cries for the mods to get involved because he feels like, what? I'm picking on Zach or something? Even you admit I have a few points, so it's a bit offensive when yb cries for censorship of what I said. (Sorry for upsetting you yb, it'll be okay.) Hellpop, I respect you and appreciate your comments. Sorry if Zach feels the need to be on his guard and watch what he says. I would have really thought that came with his job, but I digress. But this whole business has been unpleasant. I've been here for longer than he has. Sometimes he crosses the line. And other members here come out to say "Oh, MC doesn't speak for us! Please don't go Zach!". I never asked him to go, I never tried to scare him off, and he himself said he's not going anywhere. Zach, I really don't care anymore. Your rudeness has ruined my enjoyment here. I don't appreciate having what I say taken out of context and misconstrued by someone we're supposed to guess when he's speaking for the company and when he's speaking for himself. I don't appreciate being condescended to on my opinion by the company rep. And I especially don't like being challenged to back up my claims, especially after you want to deny doing so later. (And I still stand by my previous claims). A lot of you guys here are really cool. It's been really fun interacting with the majority of you. Except those rare few who point out their issues with their usernames,BHM & yb. Guess you two will have to find another person now to feel superior to. (BHM, I left a typo in here as a parting gift for you! Have at it! Pick away and be as smug as you like.) Yb, I actually thought better of you, but thanks for showing your real colors. The Mods here are the greatest Mods I've ever seen. You guys rock. Seriously. But I no longer want to participate here. This place is not enjoyable. It took the company rep to destroy my desire to talk about their product. And just to keep it on topic, for Age of Ultron: Pass. Not worth it for one mate out of four. I'm off to cancel a few preorders. Mods, feel free to delete my account. It's been real. I'm not going to get worked up over toys.
  2. I think this is what you meant, correct?
  3. So, that's why you so smugly tore me apart in another thread over a simple typo? You took so much joy in it. Funny, since you'd done it once before when Groundhog was still here, I didn't make the connection. You've said before how much you enjoy being contrary here, I'd imagine you'd prefer to follow in his footsteps instead of being unnecessarily rude. Maybe you should try not being condescending over simple typos if you suddenly don't like animosity on the board? Actually, maybe you can cut out the condescension altogether in Groundhog's honor? I'd raise my glass to you sir, but I'm sure you can do that just fine without me. You can block me you know. What I said might not be pleasant, but it's not wrong either. Sorry if I'm too rude to your precious DST rep. Don't think I didn't miss your little back and forth earlier in the thread. Try to be more gracious next time if you have an issue.
  4. From DSTZach, Post#79 in the Lost in Space thread: "But any example anyone want to give of bad Minimates product causing poor sales for an otherwise popular license, I'm ready to be educated." Now you say "That said, I have never asked anybody to justify their position, or back up their arguments in any way." after, what, selective memory and claiming you don't recall the thread? Which is it? And now, you take my comment about "What good is a board if it's nothing but sycophantic praise?" out of context and misconstrue it into an attack on people who agree with you or Chuck? Maybe you need to go back and re-read what I said. I was referring to how I dislike that about Fwoosh & AFI, and how I don't want this board to be just praise with nobody willing to speak to the negative. You pick arguments, then claim you don't. You're condescending and rude at times. It was embarrasing how condescending you were to Dino regarding that Wizard artwork with Rainbow Brite. He might not have minded, but I thought it was crass. You selectively remember things however you choose. And guess what? If you want to say you speak for yourself and not the company, maybe you should call yourself Zach instead of DSTZach? You can't have it both ways. I'd be fired if I spoke about my work's competetion publicly the way you did about Lego. It offended me because I found it grossly unprofessional, and it ruined some of my respect for you. It was unnecessarily catty. And yes, those very few individuals who did feel the need to defend DST in that SDCC thread and insisted how I'd misheard stuff they weren't present for are sycophants. I don't care who agrees or disagrees with whomever, but when people start making claims about things they weren't around for, what else do you call it? You can't speak for the company then claim that you don't when it suits you. I know you were paid to be snarky for Wizard, but that doesn't translate very well when you're directing it towards the fans of the products made by your employer. So, now I expect you're going to further misconstrue what I just said to defend your actions. But guess what? You've already contradicted yourself. You did ask me to defend my position as I quoted above. And now you try to play like you're some poor maligned martyr and ask me not to insult your fanbase and say I was "attacking others". I know that tactic. Low class, Oat. Low class. Maybe you should try staying on point next time by not taking my words out of context, and feigning an inability to remember your actions. It's funny how it took the company rep to ruin my enjoyment of the forum dedicated to his employer's products.
  5. Zach, you were distributing posters at the time, and I was off to the side talking with Chuck. It's when the other board members started chiming in about how I'd misheard what they weren't even around for that I abandoned that thread. As for the other thread that I agree with you should be nuked from orbit, I was incredibly offended that I felt specifically cornered and called out to prove a negative case against a product I'm passionate about by the representative of that very company. I like you and respect you, but you are the official rep of DST. So even when you're chatting with us as one of the guys, you're still wearing the representative hat in some capacity. I feel like you take criticism against DST too personally, and some of the responses garnered come off a bit harsher than neccessary. I understand from some of your other responses here that it sounds like the other boards you participate in on behalf of DST can be vicious and aren't as kind to you as the MMMV, and I get the sense sometimes that the defenses are up after making the rounds on various boards. Again, I like you and respect you. But sometimes tone is difficult to convey in text. Two people can read the same sentence and come away with entirely opposite interpretations. But sometimes (not always,maybe one time in ten to twenty), a comment comes off as a bit condescending. It's one thing to hear from another board member, but it takes on an entirely different weight when it comes from the company rep. I'm very much reminded of the current Tweet sent out by Simon Pegg regarding the recent fan vote of Star Trek Into Darkness as the worst Trek film ever, where Simon responded with "F" off. He wasn't responsible for the decisions that upset the fans. The fans were very happy with Simon's work. But Simon took it personally, and cursed them out, because he cares about the product, and he's friends with those making the decisions. And since we're clearing the air here, honestly, I was also particularly offended quite some time ago when you'd made a particularly snarky remark about Lego minifigures. It just grated at me to hear one company rep badmouth another company's product. Again, hearing anyone else say it would have been no big deal. And being chided for asking to see more of certain accessories I wanted more of as a customizer, that particularly stung. But after being backed into the corner to essentially put my money where my mouth was in that B&W thread was more antagonistic than I'd expected from a company rep. So yeah, when I wonder if what I'm reading is meant to be as negative as I interpret it, that recent exchange now colors my perception. So while I tried to brush off the Angela comment as just humor on your part, it's just a culmination of things. We treat you like one of the guys here Zach. I don't want to piss you off or steer you away. But your words carry more authority here than most simply because of our level of trust in you since you speak for the company. Sometimes the fans just like to vent. Bottom line is: In your position, we hold you to a higher standard.
  6. Sorry Dino, not my intention. I've been keeping my mouth shut about it for a long time now. That nasty business I mentioned earlier really soured me on the boards for awhile. I do respect him as a person. As a rep? I'd be fired if I said some of those things at my job. And I never wanted to stir up trouble. I have a lot of respect for a majority of the folks here. But this place is starting to get a bit vicious. I wasn't trying to set up a "damned if you do or don't" situation, but I already bailed on the SDCC thread after other people kept insisting I misheard things they weren't even there to hear. I don't want to bring hostility, but I'm not going to sit back and suffer it either. It's not just me. Seeing other's ridiculed from anyone in authority makes me cringe. I don't have to be on the receiving end to be bothered. I'm just vocal, a lot of lurkers aren't. I'm not asking anyone to take sides, I just felt the need to speak my mind.
  7. Mocked? Do you really think that's an accurate characterization of Zach's comment? I think there's plenty of room for discussion here but if people disagree they're going to say so. If you take every disagreement or mild teasing as a personal attack then I suppose it's going to feel uncomfortable. And in case I sound sycophantic, I'm completely unenthused about this set. Ultron is a cool design but screams parts reuse, Angela has no business being in the Marvel Universe (blame goes to Marvel, not DST), the Iron Man armor is an awful design (again, blame Marvel), and Nick Fury is a great character in a cool costume that probably makes it less likely that we'll see him in a standard SHIELD uniform. I understand the decisions, but they don't really work for me. And I'll probably have to buy the set anyway for the Fury head. Yeah. I do, else I would not have said it. It's not the first time it's occurred. And I've not said anything. But things got pretty ugly over in one of the other threads about the black & white SDCC exclusives. And it started to feel like the MMMV was becoming The Fwoosh or AFI for a bit there. But I expected a sycophantic "don't bite the hand that feeds us" reply. Sorry, but I hold company reps to a higher standard than fans venting. It's one thing to have disagreements or be ridiculed by other board members. It's another to be goaded into arguments or ridiculed by the company rep. And yes, I knew there would be apologists who would make excuses.
  8. There's still a long way to go before we ever reach the bottom of the barrel, Problem is, the bottom of the barrel keeps moving with every mate that gets crossed off the list... You say that like it's a bad thing! I was a huge Palisades Muppets collector back in the day. The company rep said their biggest problem was they did all of teh iconic versions first and were not left with much new to do, only variants. Marvel isn't going to have that problem. How many versions of classic Cap, Iron Man, etc do we have? They get refreshed somewhat regularly. I feel like DST could easily knock out every classic character still unmade and it wouldn't hurt their sales, they'd still have new movies, plenty of Modern stuff, and could still redo and refresh classic characters as needed. Marvel will never have a bottom to their barrel, but classic designs will. So yeah, scrape that barrel, baby!
  9. Now that Shanester brought up Aliens, I want to share something about Alien. When Bilbo was "dismantled", a large part of the props in that scene making up the organic parts of his robot body were inflated foley catheters! I noticed it for the first time the other day on Blu Ray, and it wasn't something I would have known as a kid when I first saw it. I don't think I'll ever be able to take that scene seriously again.
  10. See, I said the same thing about my feelings on Angela and got mocked by the company rep. I guess unless you say something positive, either saying "pass" or providing any kind of decription as to why you're not doing backflips of joy seems to be quite frowned upon. And for those complaining about the complaining, that's a bit redundant, isn't it? Saying just "pass" or "buying it" adds nothing to the boards, and as battlecat mentioned, it's not a poll. As an instructor, one thing I've noticed is that no matter how constructive the criticism, some people only react to the fact that it's critical and completely ignore the constructive part. What good is a board if it's nothing but sycophantic praise? I love to hear why people do or do not like something. "pass" or "buy" is not very helpful. And not listening to your customers can lead to serious issues. Did you know that Microsoft was shocked by the negative backlash to the XBox One? I'm done with The Fwoosh and especially AFI, where anything negative about the companies is censored, especially if you speak out against Mattel. (at least the last time I was there.) I'm not here to kiss ass exclusively. I've heaped tons of praise on DST. I've also been critical, but I've attempted to be critical in the most constructive manner possible. And in return, I've gotten into some heated exchanges and been ridiculed more than was really warranted. It makes me wonder if it's really worth being constructive, since it seems I'll get the same response if I were a straight up negative jerk about things. I wish some things weren't taken so personally. Things really started to get dark around here after Groundhog left
  11. Very true. However, I'm sure we're getting an X-themed wave soonish due to the heavy hinting that DSTChuck did in the Q&A's. X-Men also have a movie coming next year as well, and I think Movie Spidey mates are more of a sure thing than Movie X-Men. I would LOVE to be wrong as I'd much prefer Movie X-Men which we're really lacking, versus Movie Spidey that can be covered in pretty much 2 2-packs. Another Spidey themed comic wave coming soon wouldn't surprise me either. I did like the mixed feel of the last one with the TRU overlap including Daredevil characters, and I'd hope to see that Typhoid Mary that's also been suggested. Whatever we get, whatever corner of the MU is covered, I just want to see more classic comic designs. There's still a long way to go before we ever reach the bottom of the barrel, and they just interest me far more than movie or current storylines do.
  12. Wow Captain Paco, your TRU sucks! I hope you managed to get KITT & The Munsters Coach online because they are really pretty sweet! It's nice to be in LA and have a better selection, but with that comes far more competition with more collectors and the scalper scum.That said, I still have yet to see wave 16. I honestly can't recall the last time a TRU wave pegwarmed before the last two years starting around XMFC. Perhaps TRU had increased their order numbers? Even TWD is starting to seriously pegwarm (not the exclusives though). We're about to see a huge influx of Minimates at TRU (prepping for the holiday shopping season?) between TWD, Wolverine, Tomb Raider, and Marvel. I don't want to cry doom and gloom just yet, but the model is definitely changing. I like to think TRU's backing out on Thor 2 had more to do with overall Thor sales from the first movie, not just Minimates. That Hasbro stuff lingered far longer. But now we lost another box set, and soon we'll be sharing more packs with LCBS. Change is inevitable, but these changes aren't making me comfortable. I hope we're not approaching another "dark age". My hope is that TRU is just waiting to clear inventory and start fresh. I really hope they carry the Aliens line. With promise of Aliens vehicles, it'd be great to get that SKU back into TRU.
  13. Yeah, Spoilers, man! We don't discuss anything less than 50 years old! Some people haven't seen it yet! Now, can we get back to discussing Wizard of Oz? I'd swear if you look at just the right moment, you can see part of Dorothy's ankle! Scandalous!
  14. Now you have a naked Moloid running around...
  15. Hey, Spunkmeyer and Wierzbowski need homes too, right? Yep. Isn't it better they are rare versus never existing?
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