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Marvel Minimates


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47 minutes ago, DSTZach said:

Six heroes. One team. A team formed in the last 10 years. One woman, five men. 

As in “new team new name” or “new iteration of a previously known team?”

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Did A quick Google and the teams listed as being formed from 2010 onwards I could see are

Avengers Academy

Future Foundation

Avengers Unity Squad

Mercs For Money


Strange Academy? Not sure if this was an actual team.

Children Of The Atom


None of them that I can see have the Male, Female breakdown mentioned. Hopefully someone with alot more modern comic knowledge than me can crack it.




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I wouldn’t mind getting the Savage Avengers, especially if it means we can get Conan. Even though he’s a relatively easy QC it would be great to have an official minimate of him. 

That said, I hope it would be Brother Voodoo in his normal costume, not just the suit and tie he wears in a lot of the comics I’ve seen from that run.

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There is the… strange… Guardians of the Galaxy team from 2015. Kitty Pryde, Rocket, Groot, Thing, Drax, and Venom. 
It fits the lineup. I’d believe it more if we didn’t just recentlyish get that Guardians wave. However there’s no overlap in characters with that wave so it could be used to fill in the gaps that left us while also giving us a new Kitty. 
Having the Thing in it does overlap the FF set but maybe he could be swapped out for someone who joins up a bit later? Space Iron Man, Cosmo maybe?

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1 hour ago, DSTZach said:

I may have miscounted the women. Two women, and there is a minor seventh member that we did not include. Sorry. 

Can I ask for clarity: is the minor 7th member the second woman and also *not* included in the new set?

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Yep probably modern young avengers then, Bishop, Chavez, Wiccan, Speed, Hulkling and kid Loki, 7th members may be Stature

Would make perfect sense too considering almost all of these characters have been recently introduced in the mcu from properties dst didn’t make figures for

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