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  1. Tell Them your going for a covid swab test. Work will happily give you the time off to see Black widow a few times. :o)
  2. you need Luke's sentinel cut out. If you haven't got it already an its just not shown.
  3. The cinema scene with the crowd roar gave me goosebumps even after all this time.
  4. Movie mates are cool but for me i would prefer classic Masters of the Kung Fu look
  5. When it comes to minimates always go with (if?)
  6. We could always get luke to do a wrestling one to go with his WWF/WWE ones Archna Man WCW . I'd Also take a web man spidey variant
  7. Lego and Funko have leaked figure designs for Shang-Chi and the 10 rings. Google them if you are after info. No spoilers from me but one is a character I wouldn't have guessed in a million years. I don't know if this character is known through the Shang-Chi history but I would buy a 616 design of them in a heartbeat and I do remember someone doing a custom years ago. I just checked my post history and I posted about this character and wanting a minimate in 2018, lol.
  8. As one Of The Johnny Foreigners of this board our/my knowledge of GI Joe Can be limited. I do know back in the mists of Time GI Joe and UK's Action Man where tied together which then morphed into Action Force in the UK with the move to smaller figures. After that I really know nothing much of GI Joe outside the live action movies. All that said the figures look great and I will be picking them up from Luke along with the Transformers ones as well. I look at Cobra Commander and my first thought is that's a good base for someone who does customs to do Darth Vader.
  9. I have to disagree, for me except for the final character costume designs nearly everything else is a very very easy pass. Agatha Final Costume. Yes Scarlet Witch Final Costume. Yes Vision and White Vision. Yes Darcy, Woo and any other civilian character. Nope, I'm sure there's ppl on this board who know the in and out of how stuff has sold but plain civilian looking figures always have struck me as a non seller or the figures that get proposed but never made. Any BW civilan look. The same as the above but even more more no. Halloween costume. Outside of the Scarl
  10. The stages of watching Wandavision Stage 1. Err WTH... (First 2 episodes) Stage 2. Hmm OK, I'm getting into the groove.. (3rd Episode) Stage 3. Ah Ha!... (Episode 4...Especially for anyone without the comic knowledge to know what the series is drawing from) Stage 4. Its Friday, Sod international time-zones i want my TV episode. Oi Disney wake up yer slackers! (Episodes 5-8) Stage 5. We now return you to you regularly scheduled MCU (Episode 9 for the ppl who only watch the MCU movies and have no grasp on the source material or are not interested in the comic history. Th
  11. I've been mentally trying to visualise what I think Power Ranger minimates would look like and for me I would prefer a slip on mask over just a tampo of the helmet on a head block. For the most part I'm not a fan of slip on masks on figures like Spiderman etc as I think it bulks out the head too much when its supposed to be a cloth cover. Power Rangers for me are the total opposite, They have hard helmets so I prefer the bulk of the slip on mask would kind of show this. I know that these have in no way confirmed but it was just a thought worm kinda thing that I had to get out of my h
  12. GIJoe Never caught on in the UK as i seem to remember but there was comic strips so I do know some of the classic looks. Like Transformers I'd happily get these as to me they will fit in nicely with the Marvel stuff.
  13. I'm not a massive Transformers fan but they to me look great. I'm already thinking multiple purchese as I have a nephew who is a big classic Transformers fan and a grandson who would also like these.
  14. Hanna Barbera would be great. I totally get into that line.
  15. Episode 5 was WoW lots of info about it before broadcast but still it was a shout at the TV screen moment. I have lots of ppl I know that watch and have watched the MCU stuff and enjoy it, but Wandavision is a slog if you dont know the marvel stories. Hopefully its starting to make sense to them now.
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