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Walgreens Marvel 'Mates

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Clues were were one totally new character, 2 that were only comics and one repeat movie character. Unless they cut Deadpool out.... :deadpool: 😛

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55 minutes ago, Heinous said:

Not supposed to be out til later in the year according to Zach 

Boooo. Last I read they were meant for Q4 20. Thanks for the update

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I've just gotten hold of Wave 12 & the Winter Soldier 'mates .

WG Mates are undoubtedly difficult to obtain but it is most definitely worth the effort because the quality is just stunning , a credit to DST .

I'm not convinced that the artwork on the reverse of each pack is worthwhile ?  It's nice to see but I can't help thinking that     a bit more imagination could be employed .

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The only info DST has is when Walgreens receives the stock. After that it’s up to the retailer. 

That said, I don’t think we’ve been told if Walgreens has gotten the assortment yet. Personally I’d prefer it to show up after I’ve managed to acquire the Falcon/Winter Soldier wave. ☹️

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