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  1. I'd like to enter as well! If possible, haha.
  2. Very excited to see what's included with the DP pack. Seems like an alternate torso, and some power effects. Hopefully DP's arsenal isn't left to the wayside. This may be the first pack I pick up in a good long time.
  3. Seems like the line is at the end of its span..
  4. 2 years waiting for one wave.... We've really fallen this far... 😢
  5. Not sure what was expected.
  6. Have we determined if the Deadpool movie was for the next wave?
  7. Did I hear someone say Deadpool movie 'Mates? 👀 Been out of the game for a while..Looking right now for the Infinity Warp Funko POPs.... Not going so great.
  8. Right now, the Deluxe Black Widow (Movie) Figure is $18.99, if anyone is interested.
  9. Huh? Where was this confirmed? I see it now! That's pretty neat
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