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  1. Idk, Miguel looks pretty nice, especially with the arm-thorns.
  2. Only worry: Wonder and Spider-Man 2 drop the same day 😅
  3. Damn. This section of the verse is quiet…
  4. This thread will LIVE. Even if it’s relegated to being only be for game hype.
  5. Understandable, especially if some designs carry over 😉
  6. Or if collectors edition owners ignored the spoiler warning on the statue lol
  7. OH?! Please do keep us informed (as much as you legally can) if this does develop…. I wouldn’t mind hearing what the initial wave would’ve been…
  8. Mostly reused parts, and with not a lot of SM2 merch even announced, I can see the set being a slam dunk. Now if only DST will jump on it…
  9. Holy crap, how did I miss this??? Thank you Zach!!
  10. Thread making working for gamestop a little awkward 😬
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