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The Best Minimates of 2014 (Red Carpet Extravaganza & Award Show on p. 6))

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As always, Mini Myte, you have excelled at your craft. Thank you so much for putting this all together, and creating a labor of love. I seriously feel that this is one of the best things about collecting Minimate!

I always find it interesting to compare the results with my own votes. And I love how the jokes fit so perfectly with the whole experience and elevate the entertainment of it (this year's personal fav was Doc Ock using Sandman to salt the walkway, right in front of Luke promoting the Deadly Foes set with a sign in the crowd - brilliant touch).

Now I can't wait for next year's award show yes.gif

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Great work, Eric! Absolutely loved it. My favorite parts were the Tarantinoverse Situation, the whole Luke's Toystore thing going on and the "He truned me into wine" moment! That was bloody brilliant!

I really do hope DST is providing you with all their releases to come up with something like this. If not, I hope Zach will start talking to the guys about it.

Thanks mate!!!

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Brilliant. I know this emote will not suffice but: Clapping%20Hands.gif

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Thanks for all the kind words. As some of you said, it IS a labor of love. I just hope the fact that these shows keep getting bigger each year doesn't turn people off of checking them out. I had no idea this year's show would have turned into an 80 page monster. Man, I think back to the time when Cappy started this yearly tradition years ago and see what it has become, it just blows my mind. There were several red carpet segments that were axed due to time constraints. I had a bit with Hartigan and Mooby recreating the final scene of the Sin City story That Yellow Bastard, a commercial (promoting the show) featuring the cast of the Big Bang Theory that would have lead up to an encounter with Sheldon and his hero the Flash and a couples bit featuring Starlord and Gamora, but alas those were not meant to be and ended up on the cutting room floor.

Now as I do every year after the show, here are statistical facts about the votes you guys submitted.

  • the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man held a commanding lead from the get go in the Best Boxed set category. It earned 75% of all the votes.
  • The MMMV blank garnered the most votes for a single mate in any of the categories. 30%
  • Marvel just barely edged out TMNT for best license by 1 point.
  • The Hydra Elite lead Favorite Army builder from day one and never faltered. It ended up with 25% of the overall points.

Here are the honorable mention for all the categories (4th, 5th and 6th place )

  • Best Accessory (non weapon): Burger hand, Kraang head and Ice Sledge.
  • Best Accessory (weapon): M41A pulse rifle, Doc Ock's tentacles and the Omni blade.
  • Best Accessorized Minimate: Iron Fist, Doc Ock and Crazy 88 gang member.
  • Best Hairpiece: PvsZ zombie scientist, Merisel and Cock-Knocker.
  • Best Facial Expression: Ostog the unslain, Michelangelo and Marvel Girl (power-up face)
  • Best Paint Apps: Liara, Merisel and (tie) Cairn Wight / Luke Cage / Kraang
  • Best Hidden Feature: Dr. Curt Connors, Luke Cage extra parts and DOFP prison outfit Kitty Pryde
  • Best Minimate Innovation: Aliens body sculpting, food hands and sculpted small characters (i.e: Rocket)
  • Best Part Re-Use: Isiem, Falcon (wave 54) and Absorbing Man
  • Biggest Sleeper: PvsZ zombie scientist, Godzilla and Ghoul.
  • Favorite Store / Con Exclusive: Carnage, Kraang and Dogslicer Ale Goblin
  • Best Variant: Fighting Chance Captain America, Iron Fist and Luke Cage
  • Ghastly Minimate: Zombie Kingpin, Green Goblin (wave 56) and Shredder
  • Manly Man of the Year: Bone Claw Wolverine, Jules and Absorbing Man
  • Beauty Queen of the Year: The Bride, Viper and (tie) O-Ren Ishi / Nebula
  • Best Wave: (tie) Mass Effect and Pathfinder Gen Con wave.
  • Best Boxed set: KB House of Blue Leaves and KB Crazy 88 Gang
  • Best Packaging: Deadly Foes of Spider-Man and GB I love This Town
  • Best License: TMNT and Kill Bill
  • Best Celebrity Likeness: Future Magneto, The Bride and Penny
  • Minimate in Most Need of an Update: Spider-Man 2099, Ms. Marvel and (tie) Mary Jane Watson / Black Panther
  • Best Scuplted / Bulked-Up Minimate: Absorbing Man, Attacking Alien Warrior and (tie) Garrus / Godzilla
  • Favorite Army Builder: Foot Soldiers, DOFP Sentinels and (tie) Footbots / Nova Corpsmen
  • BTDI (Best Moviemate): Buddy Christ, Bride / Jules (tie) and Stealth Uniform Captain America
  • Best Minimate: Alien Warrior, Godzilla and Doctor Octopus
Edited by MINI_MYTE
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Just an FYI for those of you looking at the Best Minimates of 2014 award show on your smart phones. There is a YouTube video inserted just before the Best Accessorized Minimate category and it may not be viewable / watchable on smartphones.

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Truly a joy to read. The hard work you put into this really shows. I got some really good laughs out of it, and I am honored to have been a part of the ceremonies and yell at Carnage. And thank you for not putting me into the Beauty Queen of the Year crowd. :lol:

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Truly a joy to read. The hard work you put into this really shows. I got some really good laughs out of it, and I am honored to have been a part of the ceremonies and yell at Carnage. And thank you for not putting me into the Beauty Queen of the Year crowd. :lol:

The honor is all mine Luke. Your contributions to the Minimate collecting community are second to none. It was a pleasure to incorporate minimate Luke in the show and I hope all the subliminal advertising helps you to move more of those wonderful Deadly Foes boxed sets. FYI, Best Boxed Set was the first award I shot and pieced together this year. I knew right from the get go that it would win its respective category and it did... by a landslide. I hope we will see another Luke's Toy Store exclusive bixed set in the not to distant future. Edited by MINI_MYTE
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Outstanding! Thank you for doing this again!

As for the winners, I got seven right. I'm genuinely shocked that Carnage won for Best Paint Apps and especially for Best Minimate. I'm also intrigued that the top three for Best Minimate were not available in the mass market. Then again, this isn't really a mass market crowd and we had to beg people to vote. In the end only 34 members represented "the academy."

Next season, I'll be campaigning for my favorites because I really think a lot of y'all got 'em wrong. timbo.gif tongue.png

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