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  1. Some odd designs but I love them. till I heard the word blind bag
  2. This makes me happy. now I just need the Uncanny team finished and I'll be happy
  3. I really need that magneto one but I'm sad that we only have 1/4 of the team well after they ended. hopefully we can get Cyke at least
  4. They ported UMVC3 to PS4 which was the real high light
  5. So far it's just Iron Man/Cap/Carol and Megaman x/Ryu/Morrigan rumoes keep haunting this game about the lack of Xmen and F4
  6. Updated my 6th scale stuff and it looks super sleek now
  7. Gotta look around even if I have bad luck with Walgreens
  8. worth every penny. Plus I got chewy coming in and I'll be done with Star Wars till Ig88 comes out
  9. I'm really glad I abandoned Marvel because this looks like hot garbage. hopefully any Minimates that come out of it are just ones that at least look good
  10. Big Bad Toy Store is preferable and has no NRD issue. I'm gonna still use Sideshow since i Have 0 issues so far.
  11. I'm fine with this wave since we're getting Siryn and Bob, and I bet the Deadpool figs will be accessory heavy like they normally are. I probably would have swapped out a deadpool with Stryfe for some 90's goodness, but oh well.
  12. I hate teh details on the face... Way too soft Almost barbie like.
  13. Making Namor and Magik is way easier thank hoping for those spots to be filled. Unless there is another fan wave soon.
  14. I'd like to see more CW DC universe stuff... especially with the confirmed expansion including Constantine, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, etc etc etc.
  15. With Black Knight getting a solo comic (Along with Hellcat), hopefully we'll start seeing some of these "obscure" characters that are getting pushes (due to MCU influence no doubt)
  16. Kamala Khan for sure. Maybe Amadeus Cho/Hulk. Hopefully some X-men.
  17. I'm considering Kylo Ren only because I can call him knock off Revan.
  18. I hope someone comes up with a nice web cape modification for 2099
  19. If I end up having 2nd thoughts, I'll sell you my Collectors edition loll.
  20. Yeah, Enchantress could always come in another Thor wave. Lord knows we could always get another one (Along with an updated Sif and Hela and some other fun characters, hopefully when Ragnarok comes out) Black Magneto would be great, but I just want White Magneto since I always thought he looked better as a color swap from the rest of the team.
  21. Instead we got a bunch of boring nonsense.
  22. Roberto (Sunspot) has taken over AIM. Maker will be leading (probably) W.H.I.S.P.E.R. in "New Avengers". Which is apparently a bunch of people from AIM who don't want to work for Roberto Still Dead.
  23. Since the Maker is apparently taking over AIM, I'd like to see him.
  24. I used my dog as a measure on how big that damn box was. When I got it, I was so surprised.
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