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The Best Minimates of 2014 (Red Carpet Extravaganza & Award Show on p. 6))

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Happy New Year Minimate Multiverse, the time has come again for your voice(s) to be heard. Voting for The Best Minimates of 2014
is now active. For those of you who have participated in this event
before, you know the drill. For those of you new to the MMMV, here's the
rundown of what you gotta do:

Posted below is a list of every minimate produced in 2014 (211 mates by my count) and the 25 categories for which they are eligible to be voted in. You will submit your top 3 choices per category (unless otherwise indicated) in descending order (first choice, second choice, third choice). The standard 3 points, 2 points & 1 point award system will be used as it has in past award shows.

I'd like to keep the results a surprise for the "big award show" in February, so please send me your votes via PM. But I know there are some of you who want to publicly showcase your picks, so to you guys, you can post them in the thread. Voting will take place starting January 1st and run all month, as many of you are still awaiting minimates released in December. Voting will officially close January 31, 2015.

afterwards I will post all the winners in a grandiose awards show. And
making its return will be the ever popular red carpet pre-show.

Here are the 25 categories you'll be voting on this year:

  • BEST MINIMATE (top 3 choices)
  • BEST ACCESSORY (WEAPON ) (top 3 choices)
  • BEST ACCESSORY (NON WEAPON) (top 3 choices)
  • BEST LICENSE (top 1 choice)
  • BEST WAVE - Pick the wave that had the best mix / pairing of minimates (top 1 choice)
  • BEST BOXED SET (top 1 choice)
  • BEST PACKAGING - Pick which packaging looked the best aesthetically (top 1 choice)
  • BIGGEST SLEEPER - "Didn't see that one coming" - unexpectedly good, an unsung hero (top 3 choices)
  • BEST VARIANT- Not just a labelled variant, but an alternate version of a previously released figure (top 1 choice)
  • BEST SCULPTED / BULKED UP MINIMATE- That particular minimate that was adorned with an ornate sculpted head, limbs or body coverings that set it apart from therest (top 3 choices)
  • BEAUTY QUEEN OF THE YEAR -That one female minimate you thought was hands down the most gorgeous, kick ass, femme fatale of 2014 (top 3 choices)
  • MANLY MAN OF THE YEAR -That one particular male minimate you thought was the most ruggedly, gung-ho, alpha male of 2014 (top 3 choices)
  • GHASTLY MINIMATE* Formerly Ugliest / Scariest Minimate (top 3 choices)
  • FAVORITE CON or STORE EXCLUSIVE-That particular minimate that was a little more challenging to obtain due to its exclusive / hard to find nature. Single mates, not pairs (top 3 choices)
  • BEST HAIRPIECE (top 3 choices)
  • BEST FACIAL EXPRESSION - That particular minimate face you thought was hilarious, disturbing or just darn perfect for that particular character (top 3 choices)
  • BEST MINIMATE INNOVATION - That one amazing feature that has brought minimates to the next level design-wise (top 3 choices)
  • BEST HIDDEN FEATURE - That one secret / surprise that was hiding in a minimate pack or on a minimate itself (top 3 choices)
  • BEST PART RE-USE* - That one minimate who was comprised of one or multiple recycled minimate parts and pulled off an amazing look (top 3 choices)
  • BEST PAINT APPS* - That one distinctive minimate that had the cleanest paint applications and/or beautifully detailed tampos (top 3 choices)
  • BEST CELEBRITY LIKENESS* - That one particular minimate that actually resembles the actor/actress they were based upon (top 3 choices)
  • FAVORITE ARMY BUILDER -The name says it all (top 3 choices)
  • MINIMATE IN MOST NEED OF AN UPDATE - A minimate who's been around forever but is in desperate need of a cosmetic overhaul / update (top 3 choices)
  • BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT (BEST MOVIEMATE) - 2014 saw the release of a plethora of movie based minimates, so this the BTDI category will honor one of them (top 3 choices)

* New category for 2014

* Re-Named category

* Returning Category

Here are all the minimates released in 2014 that are eligible for voting:


Wave 54

Wave 55 (Captain America The Winter Soldier)

Wave 56 (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Wave 57 (Guardian Of The Galaxy)

Wave 58 (X-Men Days Of Future Past)

Wave 59 (All New X-Men)

Best Of Marvel Wave 3

Marvel Toys R Us

Wave 17

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel Boxed sets

Days Of Future Past (SDCC 2014)

Deadly Foes Of Spder-Man (Luke's Toy Store)

Infinity (Toys R Us)

Villain Zombies 2

The Walking Dead

Wave 5

Wave 6

The Walking Dead (TRU)

Wave 5

The Walking Dead boxed sets

Days Gone By (SDCC 2014)

View Askew boxed sets

Bluntman and Chronic (SDCC 2014)

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back boxed set 1

Clerks boxed set (Black & White)

Clerks boxed set (TRU - colored)

Buddy Christ & Mooby

Tusk Promotional

  • Tusk Promo Blank

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mass Market)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (K-Mart)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TRU)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Specialty Market)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (SDCC 2014 promotional)

Pulp Fiction boxed Sets

Jules & Vincent

Vincent and Mia's Night Out boxed set

Diner Showdown boxed set (Hastings)

  • Casual Vincent
  • Casual Jules
  • Honey Bunny
  • Pumpkin

Kill Bill boxed Sets

House Of Blue Leaves boxed set

The Crazy 88 Gang boxed set


GenCon wave

Gen Con promotional

Pathfinder boxed set

Boxed set 1


Army Dump case

Mass Effect

Blind Packs wave 1

Big Bang Theory boxed sets

Set #1

Set #2

Plants VS Zombies boxed sets

Set #1 (Specialty Stores)

Set #2 (TRU)

am hesitant to classify the plants as minimates (as I see them more as
glorified accessories) but I will include them for those of you who do
not have the same opinion as I do.

Plants VS Zombie plants


I Love This Town boxed set

Promotional (New York Comic Con 2014)

Godzilla boxed sets

Set #1

Sin City boxed Sets

Set #1 (That Yellow Bastard)

Grimm Fairy Tales

Promotional (SDCC 2014)

Random Promotional Minimates

Halloween ComicFest 2014 The Nightmare Before Christmas

San Diego Comic Con 2014

C2E2 2014

may have neglected to name some minimates in certain waves or boxed
sets, but that's because they were listed in a complimenting wave or
set. If I have accidentally neglected to mention a minimate altogether, please tell me and I'll add it to the list. Look over your collections, start thinking about your choices and have fun. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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No! We don't want to see your amazingly done awards show with great humor and incredible photography! No on here waits all year in anticipation to see what hilarious hijinks Thing, Serif and DP will get into. And no one here wishes that all your awards shows would be collected into a printed anthology! No One!

Sooooooo.... when does the show start? biggrin.png

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I won't post all of my submissions here, but I will stump for my sleeper pick, and that is Fighting Chance Captain America.

I got this figure because I wanted the Falcon he came with. He was to be IMMEDIATELY relegated to the parts bin. But I couldn't do it. I MADE ROOM on my shelf to display him, just because he looked THAT GOOD. When I eventually decided I NEEDED the Cosmic Cube from Robo-Skull, I didn't get the Skull as a single figure on ebay, but bought the two-pack from Luke to use the harness to try to improve my Maverick custom. The figure is just so well done, and it's one I'd literally NO interest in to begin with. To me, that's the definition of success in this category.

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