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  1. For your Top 10 sure, but not the Best Minimates of 2016.
  2. The Best Minimates of 2016 award show will be gearing up shortly, but in the meantime, I'd like to know which minimates comprised your Top 10 list of the year. Post a pic or post a list. Which mates were the cream of the crop for you in 2016? Have a Happy New Year all.
  3. Just to be clear, I am not leaving this community, I am only giving up the completist collecting aspect of it. If I see the odd mate pack that tickles my fancy, of course I'll pick it up, I'm just not going to but every single mate released each year like I have for the past 13 years. I gave my comic book shop notice of my intent and they understand. I have fulfilled all of my pre-order commitments with them and now I will be done as of tomorrow. Don't worry though, you will continue to see my brand of humorous photography and comics and whatnot.
  4. You read right. After 13 years of collecting Minimates, I'm retiring from the collecting game. This was by no means a spur of the moment decision. Last year I was on the fence about whether or not to call it quits, but I gave myself a whole year to see if there was still a spark of passion left. Alas that feeling I once had many years ago isn't there anymore. As of today I have several cases of barely open mates still sitting in my photography room and a few missing blind bag mates from this year (which I do not feel obligated with hunting down). I have no intention of selling my collection and I have a lot of photo / minimate comic projects I'd still like to do. Don't get me wrong, I still think Minimates are without a doubt the BEST toyline ever to hit retail. I love reading about the newest waves to hit the market and I absolutely love looking at all your display pics and dioramas. That part of my minimate love will never die, but my days of needing to track down and add every minimate release to my personal collection has come to a close. Tomorrow I will pick-up my last case from comic book shop (which will end all my pre-order commitments with them) and it so happens to be the last release of 2016. With that said, before I take my final bow, I would very much love to put on one last "BEST MINIMATE OF" minimate show for all of you. As I do every year, I like to ask for your blessing to proceed. So... Can I take one last crack and put together the BEST MINIMATES OF 2016 award show and red carpet extravaganza?
  5. I forgot to re-post my yearly Christmas special. Please turn up your volume and enjoy this Minibar Christmas classic once again. Merry Christmas y'all! Hark The Cosmic Heralds Bring.
  6. I just wanted to wish each and every member of the MMMV a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As my gift to you all, I reworked an old spoof I did a few years back on Twas The Night Before Christmas. Behold the horror that is The Outbreak Before Christmas. Enjoy!
  7. They look like fighting batons (similar to Daredevil's) the single one in her right side came off easily enough, but the two on her right are one piece and glued onto the belt pretty good. The hand can not hold it too good though as the diameter of the baton is slightly bigger.
  8. I managed to snap some pics of the Marvel Now bling bag assortment. Enjoy! *(Not pictured is the standard webline accessory that comes packed with Gwen, Miles and Silk)
  9. And their ears are positioned way above their eyeline.
  10. That's what I did and it looks WAY better on his head.
  11. Here's what was released at comic book shops for the month of November according to Preview World's website: November 2, 2016 : No minimates November 9, 2016: APC with LT Gorman, Antimatter B9 vinimate, Dutch vinimate and Predator vinimate November 16, 2016: Netflix Daredevil minimate box set and Netflix Jessica Jones minimate box set November 23, 2016: No minimates scheduled to ship this week. Now if you look at this page from Toychest news, it says that the Predator vinimates shipped to stores on Oct 26, 2016 but in fact they showed up 2 weeks later. The Predator wave 3 minimates are listed as having showed up in stores on November 9, 2016, but if you click the link above you can see what actually showed up that week. I find it hard to believe that they showed up in comic shops and not one member here (at the Multiverse) or on any of the FB minimate collecting pages have posted finding any. I guess they'll show when they show.
  12. My comic book shop has not had this wave show up on any of their ship list for the past few weeks. No one to my knowledge has reported seeing this wave at any specialty shops yet. Looks like it's only the TRU wave thus far.
  13. Here two pics I snapped of the specialty store APC with the exclusive Lt, Gorman minimate. Gorman comes with 2 heads. One with bandages and one without. Unfortunately, both heads have the exact same facial expression. As a matter of fact, it's the same facial expression as the TRU dress uniform Lt.Gorman. *sigh*
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