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  1. There was a profile in the New York times today of a Trek fan with a sizable memorabilia collection who passed away recently, and whose family is now trying to liquidate the collection. I mention it because there was a nice shot of the Minimates line in the article. Kind of funny that Pegasus Six from BSG snuck in there center frame... 😄 I would post a link but NYT is paywalled; here's a screen shot.
  2. Sorry we somehow missed two whole years! Happy birthday, sir!
  3. I have just become aware of a Funko POP of the Dodge Charger from Fast and the Furious... Does anyone own this or know how how close it is in scale to the other MM vehicles? Would it work as a GR Hell Charger? I think Minimates typically stand a little more than the height of the body of a POP, so it looks close?
  4. Wow! You're already sold out, Luke?
  5. Wow, that is a great quick custom! Very smart use of parts!
  6. Just curious, is there any news on the Vinimates?
  7. WHAAT? Marvel Legends is making CRYSTAR?!?!? Sorry, I mean "Marvel's Saga of Crystar." That is the way to work a license.
  8. Haha, yeah. Weird feeling that Minimates have been with me longer than both my kids combined.
  9. It was a little dispiriting the year I was on the panel and there was a packed room, and I found out afterward everyone but the front two rows or so were there holding seats for the Adventure Time panel following on....
  10. Yes, we should make this happen.
  11. That was a great, great Comic Con, Nes!
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