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  2. What an amazing looking set, Luke! I can’t wait!
  3. Black pistol by hunting knife is G.I.Joe ARAH, came with a lot of people:
  4. Today
  5. It was the villain known as Quicksand! She includes a second set of attack arms and a Hydroman character cut-out. Pics are attached. This custom set is a limited edition of 32 and the preorder link is here:
  6. Maybe Vina from ST? I don't think any She-Hulk or Gamora 'mates would match that, and those are the only green ladies I can think of.
  7. Any green female faces that match the green from the Brotherhood Quicksilver? That Quicksilver's arms and legs are PERFECT for those wanting a FF She-Hulk (the two She-Hulk heads don't match).
  8. I see a Wookiee bowcaster on the far left but not sure of the line it would’ve come from. And dead center under the really long barrel gun looks like Han’s blaster.
  9. Yesterday
  10. The sword next to the bone is from a small-scale Lego Bionicle set.
  11. Hmmm...all I can think of is Sinthea, but, i’m Not usually right with this stuff. Still excited, though!
  12. A villain who first appeared in Thor. A female, but not Titania.
  13. Is it a Thor villain, specifically? Or just a villain who first appeared in Thor? I’d love for it to be a Thor villain, but really I just love villains in general. Bring ‘em on!
  14. Last week
  15. Titania, maybe? Only I think she was in Secret Wars first.
  16. It's my understanding that DST abandoned the Best of/Greatest Hits assortments. Zach can correct me if I'm mistaken. Either way, if Series 80 offers a way for newbies to jump in and for veterans to gladly add to their ranks via alternate looks (Baghead Spidey, I'm looking at you), that'd be ideal.
  17. My next custom will go up for preorder on Sunday - this villain originally appeared in Thor comics in the late 80's, and since then has been involved with The Thunderbolts, Dark Reign, Siege, and Fear Itself.
  18. As a subset of that Ultimate idea, an Iron Man Mark 50 from Infinity War with every weapon or attachments he used would please me dearly.
  19. I’d buy the hell out of an Ultimate Mr Fantastic but only if I knew I’d be getting the rest of the FF in that costume as well. [glares at Best Of Mr Fantastic] Ultimate Venom with tentacle attachments, exploding symbiotic base, and an unattached symbiote accessory as well as a Spider symbol chest and a blank chest? Plus the ability to make him hella buff or a skinny boy.
  20. My read from Zach is that regardless, they'll trumpet the 80th series as a milestone. To answer his prompt though: no, I don't think highlighting the longevity of a series is a deterrent to new collectors. But you do want to toe that line, and have folks spend less time on eBay, and more time in LCS and Walgreens buying new product. Devil's Advocate thoughts: 1) Zeroing out the count with a big re-launch could be an interesting push for the line. 2) Exploring different form factors would be cool - I love the BAF model, but what about singles in the form of "Ultimates" - marquee characters with multiple heads, bases, all of the accessories from the past. I'm thinking for example: Spider-Man with half-mask head, Peter head, stressed expression, web wrap base, web grab hand, thwip hands, camera, backpack, web lines, web shooter accessories, etc. Or a totally gonzo Mr. Fantastic with tons of limb accessories. Punisher with an insane armory. This could also be a sub-line rather than a formal re-launch.
  21. Bastion arrived yesterday, and he looks great! If any X-Men fans missed out on him, I'd be willing to make a trade for one of Luke's earlier customs. Please PM me if you're interested.
  22. This seems like 3 pages of hoping for something that's probably not going to happen.
  23. DST can select most of the A-list characters and a few B- list, even a couple of C-list, all in classic outfits, like first appearances or drawn by renowned artists in the golden age. Or, instead of the Best of / Greatest Hits wave, select the most wanted minimates, new or redo, whatever. Or do a mix of new Greatest Hits characters together with the most wanted.
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