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Battle Beasts Minimates

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I cant wait to get my hands on these guys. Between these and some of the other custom stuff going on my house is going to be brimming with beasts of battle.

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I'm pretty sure I read that Curnow said that the comic was always going to be a pre-cursor to a longer run of comics.

'One & done' is highly unlikely IMO but there is little doubt that this line's evolution has not been a smooth one but I'm guessing that many of the innovations that have been made in its development are bearing fruit in other licenses notably Thundercats.

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I've only just seen Zik & the production version of Vorin & all I can say is that Vorin is superb & is now probably one of my favourite 'mates, surpassing the promos by miles.....not too much can be said about Zik that hasn't been said :whistling:

I note that pic on the back of the packaging has Vorin's cape over the left shoulder whilst the actual figure has it over the right.....big deal I guess but intriguing (to me).

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Since I am selling off most of my warcraft bloks I am using the structures for my beasts. I thought I would share my setup currently.. (sorry about the poor pics cell phone with a poorly lit room)




and not Minimates but they inhabit the same shelf..


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wait Battle Beasts is ending after the 4th issue??

DST PLEASE DONT DO THIS, this has been my favorite comic from IDW in ages, its fun, the art is incredible and the story has so much to dig deeper into...

will we maybe get some sort of spin off?

Battle Beasts: Origins?

Battle Beasts: Dread?

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It's a mini-series, and hopefully the TPB does well enough to warrant a sequel, but the last page of the last issue sets up a billion potential story arcs, should it continue.

It's a mini-series [ the BB comic is a mini-series ] , & hopefully the TPB [ BB trade paperback] does well enough to warrant a sequel [to the previous comic story arc ] , but the last page of the last issue [last page of the comic ] sets up a billion [many many ] potential [comic] story arcs . should it [the BB comic ] continue .

Forgive my somewhat patronising post but please let's not get an ice-berg prepared & ready to sink this new BB toy-line . Zach is specifically answering a question about the comics with ... :ohmy: answer about the comics.

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Man, that moose looks amazing! Easily my favorite of this first wave. I am so excited by a viking Moose Battle Beast with a horn and axe. Really nice job on the choice of accessories. Love it! Very excited for this line.

And TENIME_art, I downloaded the pic and attached it, so hopefully you can see it.

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