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Battle Beasts Minimates

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Lego's Chima will hopefully help us, but Beast Saga has zero effect if it is not in TRU. Glyos has less than zero effect, as pretty as they are; their editions are pretty small. I have no idea what that last thing is.

I pretty much agree with all thatThe legos will give some awesome playsets for the BB to use as I was actually using the warcraft MB sets for mine. the Glyos should have some effect as little bit of modding head swaping works well. IMO even if I was not a fan of minimates the sculping on the heads for the beasts alone would drive me to buy them to butcher them for the Glyos bodies. The last one I know would have 100% zero effect on you as it is a line that is not even out and is by a indie guy but it is pretty much Wrestling Beasts in little rubber guy form.

I honestly cant wait for the line to come out so I can finally get my hands on it and tweak around with someone other than my Gators and Vorin (and zik)


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I definitely agree that DST is playing it safe. 2 years (?) of waiting with only 1 wave announced? They're worried.

Playing it safe and being worried are two different things. Series 2 is already laid out and partially tooled. I'm sure Chuck has a timeline in his head, and I'm sure we are slightly beholden to TRU's schedule.

The future of this line rests on TRU's shoulders, and I think DST did a smart thing with the LCS and TRU Wave 1 assortments. None of the human characters are in the TRU wave, only Beasts, which will appeal more to the casual buyer, kids, and nostalgic collectors that remember the brand name.

The humans went to the LCS wave, which also will appeal to the same casual buyers listed above, but also has the comic crowd that may have picked up the mini or trade when it is released, and those comic/trade readers are exactly the people who will identify the humans.

There is more planning being put into the Battle Beasts launch release than either Calico Jack and M.A.X. (I'm not faulting either of those lines), so I don't think we should interpret lack of news with the line's imprending doom.

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Any time you think nine Marvel waves (LCS and TRU) and six box sets, two Walking Dead waves, three video game waves between MvC3 and SFxTekken, a Universal Monsters wave and a box set, four Expendables box sets, two Thundercats box sets, and a wave of Battle Beasts in a single year feels like "worried", remember 2006. We got Marvel waves 12 and 13 that year. That's what worried looks like.

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I've been dying to combine Battle Beasts and Halo. Thanks for the preview, Zach (although you did make me weep tears of jealousy).

Just having some fun with the figures before I send them off to the animator.


Yeah, this caught my attention too.

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