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  1. boyd

    Wave 42

    From the Diamond press release: A Diamond Select Release! Art Asylum Designs & Sculpts! Diamond Select continues the longest-running collector line in toy history! Springboarding off of this summer's blockbuster Marvel movies, Series 42 expands the comic-based worlds of Thor and Captain America[/url], celebrating some of the characters from both universes that have never before been done as Minimates! This series features Civil War Captain America and Arnim Zola, Armored Thor and Beta Ray Bill, an exclusive Stone Man with Thunderstrike, and a short-packed variant set with an army-
  2. Just saw this on Raving Toy Maniac - DST is doing another multi-site reveal for the Spider-Man 3 Minimates, including our own humble site here. Article & details here Was this already annonced and I missed it?
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