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  1. I still lurk here a lot.. and this is quite cool! and need to say you need to print me out this for the love of god.
  2. I know I am not on here as much anymore *darn monster trucks* anyways I hate to spam in a way but just wanted to let ya guys know I updated my sales thread and pretty much cut my prices in half on what I had left and selling it at a loss. No sense it to sit on a shelf no longer loved when it can be in someone else's hands and the money can then be spent on my boy and some awesome stuff for him.
  3. haha of course, look at those quality built custom ramps!
  4. Yeah I am pretty much out of all toys for myself TBH, not anything about the line as I still love and support this line and hope for it to the best it can. I really hope the line takes off and there is a series 2 and even past that. I even sold off 75% of my Armrorvor collection. My own toy obsession was taking over making sure my son was spoiled and I needed to get that in check. Now we have about 5 bajillion monster trucks in the house I think we are good but still need to add keep adding more to make sure
  5. I think your doing the right thing ......the boy needs to have that haircut finished. Hahaha cant mess with the mohawk
  6. I still have to say my fav are the gators lol. I still love what you did with the halo minimates and the battle beasts though as well. I am still without a doubt going to pick up the line. I did not care for the Beast Saga figures at all.. I ended up taking the ones I did buy and ripping their heads off and using them as heads for my Armorvor bodies.
  7. Thanks and not getting completely out just slimming down Not leaving you completely Zach, you have been one of the main reasons I have been around as long as I have, it is amazing to see how awesome you are in supporting fans. It is pretty much exactly what I wrote, I have sold off most of my collections other than my DST Battle Beasts/Armorvors/Transformer Kreons I want to do something nice for my son and need cash so making the cut with the comics then some of the exclusives if need be cause 1 person does not need 7 Vorin's lol Just want to give this boy fun in his life and that is more important than comics hanging on the wall to me.
  8. Decided to slim out some of the collection is anyone seeking out any of the comics? 2x Ashcan's (One signed by Bobby Curnow) #1 all 5 covers #2 both covers #3 both covers #4 both covers (A large pile of LCS exclusives) In two weeks I am taking my son to Toronto for Monster Jam and would like to have some spending cash for the event.
  9. i want to meet the artist that thought hey you know what would be sweet.. lets slap a tennis shoe on him...
  10. anyone in Canada happen to have the Orange Devy exclusive or want to go to a TRU and sang it for me? I would be willing to part with one of my Battle Beast Customs for him!
  11. playing with other toys until something actually shows up still empty shelf waiting for these guys...
  12. that is actually pretty awesome. the moose is my fav. you will be my BFF if you send me him! haahaa
  13. I pretty much agree with all thatThe legos will give some awesome playsets for the BB to use as I was actually using the warcraft MB sets for mine. the Glyos should have some effect as little bit of modding head swaping works well. IMO even if I was not a fan of minimates the sculping on the heads for the beasts alone would drive me to buy them to butcher them for the Glyos bodies. The last one I know would have 100% zero effect on you as it is a line that is not even out and is by a indie guy but it is pretty much Wrestling Beasts in little rubber guy form. I honestly cant wait for the line to come out so I can finally get my hands on it and tweak around with someone other than my Gators and Vorin (and zik)
  14. I hope like hell they make it and do well they just got to get these suckers out there. there is a pipe of stuff be it different in nature but still Battling beasts they need to contend with. You know me I am quite the fanboy of this line but the over cautious approach makes me nervous. With my ever growing collections I had to decide if I wanted to clear a shelf of my Warcraft mega bloks of kill off my Battle Beast shelf and needless to say my battle beast shelf is still holding strong. I think the two main contenders for DST Beasts are going to be the Lego Legends of Chima and the Takara Beast Saga (especially if this hits the usa). Two more independent lines that still could have a impact is the Glyos as the Armorvor has been making a bit impact and with people casting custom animal heads for the bodies been crazy. Then finally Mystical Warriors of the Ring which is more of the classic Muscle figures but will be animal themed. sorry about my ramblings i hope some of it made sense lol
  15. They are Glyos Armorvors from the non wolf heads are custom heads from and painted up by ersico over on OT forum ^_^
  16. Thought I would share what I been collecting while waiting on the Minimate Battle Beasts..
  17. Zik is only SDCC so that may be a bit rough. Honestly I dont think from the comic line there was a stand out "army builder" guy.
  18. took the pic note to be minimate related but it turned out to be a decent Zik photobomb so thought I would share.
  19. I will dig mine out of the toddler proof archive tonight and try to snap some pics for you. I am pretty sure the ratio off the top of my head was five covers of #1 and two of the other three comics.
  20. it made me pretty excited if not just for the toy line but for the comic itself so I hope more comes from it.
  21. it ended awesome but it was a Oh shi.. did that just happen awesome now they need to make more..
  22. I think my thoughts on it may be a bit jaded since I read 1-100 all in a single weekend sitting so it was a huge adrenaline rush but I agree I was a bit wtf at the end of it but still cant wait to see what the next show stopper is going to be next as it seems like it is to a ramp point to build up more new char now also.
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