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  1. ooo new license...any chance we could get a hint? Thinking of licenses I'd like to see, with all the recent Merch love, I think Gargoyles would be a fantastic minimate line!
  2. Obviously I have no idea what talking to retailers looks like and I'm sure you have feelers that give you much more useful data than we can but I will echo that Target feels like a great instinct. They've made it clear in recent years that they want to cater to adult collectors and every Target I've been in (granted I live in LA) has a section dedicated to nerdy pop culture paraphernalia seperate from the kids toy aisles. Feels like minimates could find a fitting home there, hope yall find a good retail partner soon!
  3. got the box set of these and the first Transformers mates for Christmas and man, these are just some stellar figures. great designs, great paint-apps, great detailing, and accessories, love that just like the OG toys you can store all of the accessories on the figures. Really hope we get more than the 8 shown, would love a Zartan, Firefly, Shipwreck, Snowjob, Mindbender, Flint, and so many others. I know this is probably off the table, but man...this would be *the* line to pack with some vehicles.
  4. Gotta say, probably a hot take but as a lapsed collector...this is the exact type of release that's getting me back in. This will vary from collector to collector but a big reason I had to stop was because my collection grew so unruly and unfocused, I was just buying mates to have them or to have parts for other mates, and that took a lot of joy out of owning the individual figures and turned them into more of a burden than a luxury. This type of bespoke, very targeted packaging/release gimmick is exactly what I am looking for in this go-around of my collection. Something that feels very focused. I also think leaving Mates for a while has made me appreciate the price point a lot more. Minimates are still considerably more affordable than almost any other collectable toy line with an emphasis on sprawling rosters, articulation and customization. With lego figures rising to 5 dollars a pop, it doesn't shock me or upset me that a Minimate (a figure twice the size, with twice the articulation, twice the accessories and twice the parts) would similarly rise in price. I won't defend the company as I've been gone long enough that I can't speak to the consistency of quality control these days, but I can say all of the recent figures I've purchased have been excellent in quality and appearance and I look forward to collecting this line. I personally really hope they employ some sort of similar packaging gimmick for the Transformers series and I'd even be down for single-carder Marvel mates. (also seeing these just makes me beg for a MOTU license)
  5. so I think I mixed up what this line is, so just to be clear: We are getting: two box sets. and then a series that is the same figures of those box sets but on their own individual/retro-inspired cards. Is that correct?
  6. Does this mean the new F4 'wave' is going to be a six pack? I'm personally pro-six packs as I feel like that's been the direction waves have been going anyway from what i've seen and I am all for more tightly themed sets that build micro-collections quickly, rather than waiting years to fill-in holes. I am sad that build-a-figures didn't have a longer life as I do think that gimmick really worked for this particular figure line but I guess that'd be pretty irrelevant with a six-figure-box-set.
  7. Really excited for these 90s X-Men Mates. I just did a big re-watch of the entire series motivated by the very exciting announcement of the revival! Also those 90s X-Men minimates go steep on the after market so getting a chance to get a few of those looks at market place would be great!
  8. Man, I'd love for them to start doing minimates for the show, I love the updates to the designs that Cory has done, I still think he's one of the best costume designers in the biz. I'd buy any character they'd give us.
  9. Hey y'all. Wow, I haven't logged in a dogs age. I've mainly kept up through the FB page I started during the great forum-outage of 2013 (wild that that was seven years ago). I may make a post there but as it doesn't quite have an 'off-topic' vibe to it so I figured i'd post here first. Anyway. I am making a board game! It's called: A bit more about SHR: I've been working on this for over a year now, I've shown it at three major shows, and am currently in talks with potential publishers. I figured now was a good time to start getting the word out! I am posting constant updates/info and more on my twitter and insta Instagram: Twitter: You can also learn more about the heroes i've revealed so far on my website: Also if you want to help support SHR, I have a Patreon where I post art early, as well as exclusive development art, unseen concept art and take monthly requests from my backers! Also backers get access to exclusive cosmetic variants for some of the hero cards, these will be delivered digitally as well as mailed physically! Lastly, SHR will be coming to Tabletop Sim February 2020 as an early Beta, so keep and eye out and you'll be able to play it for yourself before the Kickstarter! Feel free to respond with any questions, comments feedback, i'll definitely be checking this thread! Great to be back!
  10. its the same design just on a more practical outfit....the only significant difference is the hair. The new Crystal costume runs circles around the original, as do most modern costumes.
  11. Pretty sure the cape is just dramatized for the art's sake, not everything in the promo art can be related to real moldings.
  12. that is definitely just a cut of Dark World and Age of Ultron. Clever idea but I dont believe any finished footage from the film was shown, just BTS work and the short film
  13. Saw it yesterday, probably wont post too many thoughts here, if you're friends with me on Facebook you've probably seen my numerous rants about it. Overall i'd give the movie a sold 5/10 there are parts that I think are fantastically perfect. But the rest of the movie is so shallowly racist, so horribly sexist, and so grossly ablest that I cant in good conscious endorse it to friends.
  14. After seeing the set picks, he may be my favorite Superman yet
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