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  1. The TRU near me just got them in this morning and had a bunch left after i got my full set and a extra hanzo/hound.
  2. I've never ordered from TRU online before, so is my order for these being stuck in "Item(s) located in stock" status since Friday normal?
  3. When i was there they had three packs of each left and only two packs of GoTG left. They probably just looked in the Marvel section and not on the endcap where most of their mates are. The item number is #127520, so give them that.
  4. 82nd near the Clackamas Town Center.
  5. I was told they would be on the truck for thursday and I found them this morning in the Portland area. They had a case of them and I managed to find a Mags with good paint aps. But when I got home I noticed my Sporal is missing a hand ?
  6. I found them at the walgreens next to my work here in portland. I grabbed the only noir/itsy bitsy pack and squirrel girl pack they had. There are still two each of the other packs left 4 days later.
  7. In 8 to 9 months all kmarts will be out of business. I'm hoping these come out before then.
  8. Omg! Could this mean my dream of C.O.P.S. minimates is finally coming true??
  9. Just found these at my local TRU. I'm guessing they just got them in since the entire case was still there, including mutagen leo.
  10. That is the correct UPC and the online item number is#004W008773018000P but you cannot find things on the website that are not available for shipping. I was told the first run of these was not being made available on the website and were only being pushed directly to stores at this time. As far as I know they are all out to stores. I can get in touch with our main buyer at the home office and find out if and when they might be online.
  11. Not likely. They're only in the Kmart system that we push things to stores from the DC through.
  12. Sorry I meant kmart ones. Most of california were behind getting them because our big DC in Sparks, NV is shutting down and everything is rerouted through the ontario, Ca DC.
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