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Accessory-sized bonus characters!


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So, the new Marvel packaging format includes 6 figures per wave, but we've lucked out in the first two waves with the inclusion of a bonus 7th character in the form of an unarticulated accessory (H.E.R.B.I.E. & Lucky the Pizza Dog)! 

While we've seen these before in the old two-packs as well (Redwing, Rocket, Grott, etc....), and Zach has clarified that not every wave will have the opportunity to include an appropriately themed mini-character, I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some ideas.
What accessory-sized bonus characters would you like most to see get included in the new wave format?

I'm hankering for a Widget accessory to go with my Excalibur minis. And I know it would be something of a design miracle from DST, but I would LOVE to get a Martha/No Girl. I think she'd make such a damn cool looking toy! 


image.png.acabd190c556fe0e36a76ced86ed32f0.png image.png.31e8edbda728b44a11fd376266d5eff6.png

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- X-Men theme: flying Lockheed sculpt (that can be attached to a flight base)

- Cosmic Marvel theme: Pip the Troll

- Hulk theme: Gremlin

- Thor theme: Throg with an Asgardian *cough*WarriorsThree*cough* boxset.

- Avengers: smaller Minimate-sculpted versions of shrinking characters like Ant-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket in various poses (punching, running, heroic stance, etc).

- Inhumans: Since we already got a poseable version, a large molded Lockjaw if it meant we could actually get a boxset of all of the Kirby Inhumans.


Another avenue to explore would be to provide accessories of importance instead of small characters.

- Book of Vishanti, Darkhold

- Cask of Ancient Winters, Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

- Wand of Watoomb, Eye of Agamotto

- Zodiac Key, Cosmic Cube (not built into a hand, Kirby Crackle effect)

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alligator loki comes to mind, if we ever get a wave for his show. or morris from the shang chi movie

and the tiny turtles from the new retro TMNT box are pretty cool, i could see that being a stepping stone for nightcrawler’s little bamfs or the x-babies

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or if we ever got some of the reavers, it could be cool to throw in gateway as like a “half figure” where his bottom half is cross-legged and sitting on a rock but his top half is one of the kid-sized torso so you can still pose him w a bull-roarer that’s got the spinning effect.

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how could i forget peter porker?!

and plankton would be great i imagine him looking like the thing’s cigar from the super skrull 2pack lol

and now i’ve had time to think about how a smaller daxter would have looked next to jak 

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I know ....I know...I'm always playing the 'kubrick comparison card' but I need to say that Medicom made less than 40 odd Marvel characters . That's a tiny amount of characters & I'd have to say that very few were outstanding minifigures unless you mention that 2 of them were Spider-Ham & Venom-Ham whilst another was Venom-Punisher !!!!!  Who wouldn't want those characters ....apart from DST High Command.


Spock's beard.

Khartoum's head .

Khartoum's head ?   A bit like John Wick's dog , a character from a Minimate licence that should have been made but wasn't .


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On 9/19/2022 at 3:16 PM, youbastards said:

- X-Men theme: flying Lockheed sculpt (that can be attached to a flight base)

There's an X-Men boardgame that has a cute, flying Lockheed that's kept aloft by his flame effect. 
I'd love to see DST do something similar. Or at least have a little flame effect for an updated Lockheed.

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On 9/25/2022 at 7:04 AM, Freaqualizer said:

While not “small” I would be fine with an unarticulated Old Lace. 

Runaways would be perfect for the new 6-figure waves. Esp if we can get an unarticulated OL.

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