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February Previews Catalog Minimates Explosion (non-Rockafire variety)


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I'm going to guess South Park for the animated license. Huge cast of characters, and Lego has proven that animated characters can be profitable in block form. Plus, now that we've seen Plants vs. Zombies nothing seems off the table, and there's not really a big South Park presence in merchandising right now.

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Perhaps a Dreamworks Animation license giving a mixed line of Shrek, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda characters.

... Actually...

That'd... that'd be kinda nice.

And maybe it's a cross promotion with Disney for the unannounced yet long-awaited return of Dave the Barbarian.

... please bring back Dave the Barbarian. Please.

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we've seen "A" Valiant two-pack, doesnt mean its the same one, Valiant has a lot of properties...Quantum and Woody with a goat accessory would probably be a good idea...

I want more Image comics mates...

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