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February Previews Catalog Minimates Explosion (non-Rockafire variety)


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And Kre-Os.

I have a tough time picturing Hasbro licensing My Little Pony to another toy company to make block figures with the same play pattern as their own in-house Mashers.

I agree, but stranger things have happened. They allowed Funko to make Pony Pops, which basically compete with Mighty Muggs.

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But how would they even do Minimate My Little Ponies? Would they all be done like Lockjaw? Or would they do those weird Equestria Girls designs? Honestly as much as it makes sense from a "hint" standpoint I don't think MLP is the animated license.

We don't talk about those Equestria Girls, and lets keep it that way.

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A line like MLP would probably warrant a new torso block. Maybe one that would move the head peg to the back of the block. Go with pony neck/head pieces, 4 legs (or arms to be trimmer), and a waist piece tail.

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They'd be designed like Lockjaw, Muffit, or that cool dog from the video game line whose name I can never remember. Like Godzilla, you'd have a sculpted head that fits onto a peg on the torso overlay, rather then the usual Minimate torso. Like TMNT, you'd have specially sculpted legs. By now, I think DSTRobert and the design team have proven that they can turn just about anything into a viable Minimate.

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Zach, do you mean animals? Or anthropomorphic animals?

If it is just animals, could it be Animal Farm?! Or Watership Down?

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Hmm, do Gargoyles count and animals or people? Same question applies to Smurfs.

As mentioned I'd love Shirt Tales as that was the animal toon that I watched as a kid.

Other possibilities:

Pokemon: Many of the monsters have an anthropomorphic form that would work and that would be a possible in in to getting other Nintendo properties.

Arthur: Maybe not everyone's first idea for a toy line but it has a huge base of watchers and is currently fairly limited in what is available as toys.

Thundercats: The redesigned series.

Star Wars: Ewoks Animated series.

Looney Tunes/Tiny Toons/The Warner Bros./Loonatics Unleashed: No matter how you slice that one there is an ageless built in fanbase.

Kung Fu Panda

Gummie Bears

Care Bears


Rescue Rangers/Duck Tales/Goof Troop/Darkwing Duck/Mighty Ducks

Getalong Gang

Muppets/Muppet Babies

Bucky O'Hare


Never gonna happen:

Kimba: The White Lion

Animals of Farthing Wood

The license from Hasbro/Takara to produce likenesses of the original Battle Beasts with rub signs.

I'd almost guess it to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but we all know that will never happen. ;)

At this point I suppose it doesn't really matter. I'm just excited about getting more animal characters Anthro or otherwise.

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Since it is being solicited through Previews, I tend to believe the license is aimed at collectors and not kids. If it were a TRU line, i'd lean towards something aimed at kids. It's also possible that the license is not specialty specific and TRU just didn't want to carry the license.

Licenses like Hanna-Barbara, Looney Tunes or Disney would be popular enough for either venue. The same would apply to these licenses:

Spongebob Squarepants?

There is a new movie coming soon, and the brand has proven itself. There have already been Legos and Mega Blocks *just* launched a new line.


Sonic the Hedgehog? A new cartoon based on one of the worst games of 2014 (Sonic Boom) just started airing...but there is also the classic cartoon from the '90s.


I'm going to assume the license is a nostalgia based license aimed at adult collectors. If the license is obscure, it could potentially be inexpensive enough to take a risk on Minimates.

Cowboys of Moo Mesa?


Bucky O'Hare?


Others that were mentioned could fall into this category too. Tigersharks, Gargoyles, etc.

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Hmm, do Gargoyles count and animals or people?

Gargoyles are animals according to the creator (although he meant that in the theyre not magical creatures way, he also says humans are animals)... of course its not Gargoyles though, because that would be amazing and if DST had the Gargoyles license maybe Jean St. Jean could sculpt some amazing Gargoyles Selects and then I could die having a life with no regrets or unfulfilled dreams.

Also its weird to me they wouldnt have Elisa or Xanatos in the first wave, I know Demona could fill both roles as a love interest and a villain but she was secondary to both humans in that regard, plus who wants Demona without MacBeth?! Thats like saying Oh no Macaroni for me thanks, this big old bowl of neon orange cheese sauce is all I want for lunch!.... it would also mean no Human Demona variant, and now were just throwing money away!

Gargoyles, Tigersharks and Smurfs are not animals.

See, Not Gargoyles, because I never get to be happy... Edited by dr baghead
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License has been guessed, and will be at specialty, TRU and KMart. I would not look for more obscure licenses.

Well that scares me. Out of all the guess we've made, I'd really only like to see one or two of them actually made. I've got my finger crossed that it's something cool!

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We have several new lines in the works, so if the prospect of a Minimates line that might not appeal to you scares you, then prepare to be scared again and again. I'm sure each new license will have its fans and detractors, but we've all fallen in love with Minimates from licenses we don't necessarily have an emotional investment in.

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