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February Previews Catalog Minimates Explosion (non-Rockafire variety)


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I could see the two-pack assortments for Star Wars Rebels be:

-Kanan (w/ lightsaber, blaster, and mini hologram Obi-Wan accessories) & The Inquisitor (w/ lightsaber and helmet accessories)

-Ezra (w/ blaster/lightsaber and helmet accessories) & Zeb (w/ blaster staff accessory) & Mini figure Chopper

-Hera (w/ blaster accessory) & Stormtrooper (w/ blaster and removable helmet)

-(Variant) Sabine (w/ blaster, bombs, and removable helmet) & Stormtrooper (w/ blaster and removable helmet)

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Think about it. Adventure Time would be perfect for minimates with all the interchangability ((not a word) SHUT UP!)

Wave 1 (If multiple waves)

-Finn (With HUGE blonde hairpiece) & Jake (with alternate body pieces) with BMO

-Ice King (with Nice King and ice blast parts) w/ Gunther & Princess Bubblegum w/ peppermint butler (with beaker, lab coat, and alternate glasses and ponytail head)

- 2 Princess's or 2 monsters (or 1 Princess and 1 Monster)

Variant- Fionna & Cake

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