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  1. I believe the turnaround on things like this are about a year, so if it’s not happening now I think the ship has sailed, DST doesn’t always hit when the movie is in theaters but I think a gap this big would be even harder to overcome.
  2. It won’t push me to drop Minimates, but I have a LOT of MCU ‘mates still in the package, and some waves I bought more to support the line than because I needed another Black Widow, if the MCU is going to start having gaps in it I’m not sure I need any of them.
  3. The Wasp and Ghost ‘mates were awesome, I’d have pitched a mighty fit without them.
  4. Then I find this whole thing even more strange, that movie is going to have tons of repeat characters with only an outfit change to set them apart from the last movie.
  5. It’ll never happen, but I’m going to throw out my All-Villain wave suggestion just for funsies.
  6. This is a really good question, like Spider-Man I just assumed these were a given but now I’m not so sure, what’s the status of Avengers End Game?
  7. You pretty much read my mind. Part of the appeal of buying some movie waves was expanding the MCU group, even in cases where all that was really new was one or two characters or looks. I actually thought this would be a stronger MCU wave since there’s two Spider-Man suits, and at least 3 villains, possibly as many as 5 depending.
  8. Same here, while sometimes the movie waves don’t offer a lot that’s really new, it is fun having all the movie characters together in a display, it’s very strange to me that this one is getting skipped.
  9. I’m starting to think the Skrulls are only being set up in this one for future shenanigans, the way they’re being presented is just not logical if they’re supposed to be this big menace, unless they’re hiding a plot twist they seem to just be a plot point instead of a major antagonist.
  10. I’m only assuming because the Marvel Legends Figure has a different name and is played by a somewhat known actor, people may not recognize the name but he’s been in Dark Knight Rises and Rogue One so it seemed like he would have some significance, but I’ve been suspecting an Iron Man 3 style swerve with something based on the Yon Rogg/Mar Vell confusion, so maybe it’s intentional.
  11. I read the release, and it appears what we’ve seen is it. So I ask with no malice intended, how did the supposed main villain not make the cut? TRU casualty?
  12. I have no worries about the movie doing well, what I’m hearing is that the elementals are name Spider-Man characters, I don’t know if people consider who they are a spoiler, so I hope they get made, but I guess that depends on if they’re just stormcloud like all the time or if they take on a more human form at times.
  13. So if this is it, isn’t the main Skrull Talos missing? I thought I read that the Skrull in the box set was named Nuro.
  14. So are these and the box set it? I’m a bit out of the loop as of late
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