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  1. Yeah, I have my company's email signature images hosted on photobucket. I came into work last Friday to a slew of confused, freaking out emails. Good times.
  2. For those that don't have FB, or are blocked at work:
  3. Thanks for the kind words This is my favorite version of Red Skull, and one of my favorite photo edits that I've done, so it was only fitting that it go up on my wall. I might print out some more... if it's OK with the wife of course
  4. Thundercats sets 2-4* are on sale at AFX for $7.99 each I'd be all over this if I didn't have so many pre-orders in, but I know a lot of others out there are looking to get them. *fixed
  5. Got mine a couple days ago, thanks Shane and Zach
  6. Haha, nice! I can't see your pic though, I don't have permission apparently.
  7. Thanks for the pic montrossx With a little green paint for the head cap and maybe some yellow for the eyes, this could work. Like this:
  8. What if you just use Abom's head cap and keep Kluh's head?
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