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TMNT Minimates - it's official!

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I want to go on record now demanding a Mighty Mutanimals box set. I'm willing to wait up to 5 years for this to happen, but not a day longer!


I LOVED that comic. I actually read more issues of that than TMNT.

I really hope this does lead to them doing the classic cartoon. Heck, do 'em all, I'll buy 'em all. Classic comics (they could do a con-exclusive B&W box), classic cartoon, live action movies, CG movie, 2002 cartoon, the new movie. I will buy them all.

That's awesome.
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While I love the new show (actually more than the original), I think classic sets (ala Thundercats) are more geared to 'mates. That and the old-school "shell-raiser" just screams Mini-vehicle! Oh well, I'm in!

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I'm not sure they had anything shown at Toyfair. I saw pictures of Plants vs Zombies (that I believe were above the TMNT display) and in a few pictures it looks like you can see the basic 6" TMNT figures. If that's the case, I assume they just had them to show off the design the minimates would be emulating

Nevermind, looking at other pictures, I think I was seeing the bust banks, not 6" playmates Turtles

I'm excited for this line and will probably be buying every single figure

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I had always kept myself from hoping DST was ever going to make TMNT mates, for fear of being perpetually disappointed every year that they weren't announced.
But this makes me so happy! Life could leave a massive flaming turd on my head and I wouldn't mind so much, because I'm getting TMNT minimates biggrin.png

can you tell I'm excited?

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