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  1. I found these in L.A. yesterday while picking up prescriptions. They had 2 sets on the shelf on a separate shelf tag from the comic sets which were right next to them. So these might be coming in under a different SKU than the comic/animated sets. Same price just a different description on the tags. Movie Assortment or something, I forget.
  2. All the current John Wick merchandise is based on the second film. Honestly, other than new characters, there isn't much difference in the looks between the three films. So does it really matter that the logo on the package (that most of us are going to throw away) is from the second film?
  3. So... mini sticker set of some alternate expressions?
  4. Saw these two sets on BBTS. They might work with Minimates, not that we have any Mario 'mates but could be fun for others.
  5. Alien Day is Friday. What are the odds we’ll see something announced or released that day?
  6. I would have gladly double-dipped on a Bishop/Ferro 2-pack (or in some other 2-pack configuration) and the dropships. But I'm in the minority. The really frustrating thing about this is the line had great momentum and then it just stopped. Granted TRU closing had a large part of that but when we were just 1 character from completing the cast it really hurt. Oh and saying Ferro is a very minor character when Wierzbowski, a character that was only mentioned by name after he died got a figure is some weird logic. Ferro at least had lines in a few scenes.
  7. Not getting a powered down Iceman is a bummer for me. That era of X-Factor is dear to my heart. I have the box set and Angel but a baby blue suit Bobby would make me very happy.
  8. I found one full set at a store in Van Nuys, CA. They didn’t have them last week so they are getting out there.
  9. Fox properties are coming back home (sort of) so I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be an updated Fantastic Four wave. Mr. Fantastic / Dr.Doom Invisible Woman (clear) / Namor Human Torch (flame on) / Sue Storm (not clear) Johnny Storm (flame off) / Thing BAF: Super-Skrull
  10. Just opened my set from Walgreens. Korath does not have silver highlights but the rest do. They all also have completely different tampo designs so they don't all match to begin with. I'm truly impressed with all of these. The amount of accessories and alternate looks is incredible for what could have been just a bunch of "armybuilders" and guys in suits. Fury and Coulson both look like their previous MCU 'mates but younger, especially Coulson who appears to have the same worried frowny face as the Thor version. I was only planning to track down an extra of each Carol and Yonn Rog to display the helmeted looks. But now I need another full set so I can have all the alt looks on display.
  11. Just finished DD season 3 and I need a Season 3 Daredevil. So what existing ‘mates have hands/gloves that are wrapped like his rope wrapped hands?
  12. I got mine from DST yesterday. I'm getting a VERY strong Batman vibe from him. The armor in black and gold with the gray body is a great homage.
  13. My order was processed and shipped within a few hours of placing it. I am surprised the free shipping (over $35 order total) is 2-Day FedEx. Should be here tomorrow. DSTZach thanks for the info on black discs. I have no knowledge of the character so I learned something.
  14. I notice the Dark Iron Spidey/Spot pack has black stands. What's the reasoning for that change?
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