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Power Rangers Minimates

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11 hours ago, spidermatt said:

Are the megazord/Dragonzord vinimates on the dst site preorder? Or in the warehouse ready to ship out?

They are in the warehouse, so they should be getting shut off soon on the site as they prep all of the pre-orders to ship. Then it will come back as an in-stock. 

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Anyone ordering Vinimates from DST or BBTS (e.g.) might want to add the  various Godzilla Vinimates that are still available  to their order.   Those particular vinimates are really nice ,worth having & pose well with several Minimate characters.


I know I keep on but there is one rule of thumb (pun intended) for a good Vinimate is .....if it has non-minimate type hands then it nigh on always looks great .  I detest the stylised hands which feature on most Vinimates .

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8 hours ago, Chooch said:

I got my Zord Vinimates and the Dragonzord does not have a tail.  Looks like there was space in the blister for one.  Did I get a bum set or did that not cost out or something?

I just checked my set since I had not yet opened it & mine has the tail so it is sounding like you unfortunately got a bum set

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