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  2. Not bad. I'm sure when the wave is released you'll get more sales
  3. We have about 150 left out of the 500.
  4. With sincere apologies to Luke : I initially thought of this guy .......... My knowledge of wrestling is ,to say the least , minimal but I remember that guy .
  5. It's best to keep one complete set packaged for your packaged collection ,one complete set for your opened display collection ,one complete for customs ,one complete set for trading,one set for breakages ,one for your children/grandchildren to play with ,one for ebay when times are hard ,one set in a floatable waterproof container ,one in a fire-proof container ,one in an off-site storage facility in a fire-proofed,water-proofed container set just in case set just out of the case & one to just love .
  6. Legion of Doom and the classic WWF rings are approximately 75% finished - I expect them to ship next week. My next custom will be up for preorder this Sunday. It will also kick off a new subscription year option, which will encompass the period from approximately Wrestlemania 7-13 (but knowing me it might not always be accurate lol). Here is a hint for this release: This wrestler's WWE career lasted over 26 years (longer than Hogan, the Rock, and Stone Cold's longest runs with the company combined).
  7. I ordered three because one for back up and the second set is for the customs. Quicksilver, Val Cooper, Wolfsbane human, X-Man, Husk, replacement Beast for 90s X-Men, and a Warren with smaller wings.
  8. Also, I wonder if Luke sold out of his MM sets yet or how many he has left out of the 500 sets
  9. Why do you want 3 complete sets?
  10. Same. I think I bought 3 complete waves and 2 Multiple Man sets but I’m really not sure.... I don’t even remember if I sent the to my PO Box or if they are coming to the house directly! Which if they are coming to the house directly, it’s been an honour to serve with you all check eBay for my collection as my partner will need the money for a criminal defense after I have been found dead. 😂
  11. Yesterday
  12. Our next Luke's Custom Squad Contest is here! The rules are simple: create a custom Minimate of a FICTIONAL VILLAIN. It can be from television, movies, comics, or any other form of media, as long as it is fictional. This must both be a new creation from the start of this post. Email me a picture of your custom ( by Monday, December 2nd. The following day I will put up a gallery of the entries and people can vote for their favorites. The winning customizer will receive a $30 Luke's Toy Store gift certificate! The 2nd and 3rd place customizers will receive a $10 certificate, and one random entry will also receive a $10 certificate. One entry per person, please. You can do anything from quick customs (no paint) to something with paint, stickers, and/or sculpting. So track down some parts and get those customs started!
  13. Last week
  14. I tend to make up stuff I think I saw so maybe this doesn't exist, but does any one know who did a Fraction costume Hawkeye. I'm specifically looking for one that had the bandage over the nose.
  15. It seems like it's been so long since these were announced that I can't remember how many sets I ordered from Luke... Going to be gr3at to have these in hand!
  16. Actually, they should hit October 30. But still, yay!
  17. I had failed to discern your attitude towards the tenants. Er, Vinimates.
  18. 4 of my Walgreens stores are closing and I am annoyed. They are usually the best ones with toys.
  19. I am genuinely pleased that Vinimate sales are strong & I know that there are a lot more than 250 people interested in them hence my dismay that only 250 of each exclusive were made.
  20. Previewsworld has these on the list for 10/23. Oh joy!!!😃
  21. This was the question that prompted my response. Obviously 250 people were interested. We would have sold out Thursday, but we allocated for as long as we could with such a limited release. People were still looking on Sunday. I wasn't referring to the obviously limited exclusives, but to specialty releases. Orders have been strong on the brands I stated, as well as at shows.
  22. Yeah I don’t get how they picked who got what but here we are. I have painted a Wolverine hair piece and am waiting patiently...
  23. im seeing a few more of both of the venom packs around if anyone needs them
  24. Looking at the tray shots again, it's too bad Strong Guy's arms don't come in the Archangel/Multiple Man pack, any extras would've worked as jacketless arms for Madrox.
  25. I believe 200,000 people attended NYCC whilst 2 x 250 exclusive Vinimates selling at $10 each ,sold out on Saturday . I am glad that certain Vinimates are doing so well .
  26. bzorio


    There are 2 more cartoonish options: Mighty Muggs and the recently announced Pop! from Funko.
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