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  2. stack32

    DC Vinimates

    I'd like a comic Wonder Woman that didn't fall over.
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  4. I doubt it. They seemed to have gone off concept art like they always do, same with Hasbro. Though Hasbro is more likely to go back and do others.
  5. After seeing the movie I’ve got to agree w @minimatestopmotion there is so much good stuff that DST could make. They are leaving tons of money on the table. Something has to be up we don’t know about with no second wave at walgreens despite no other waves for the rest of the year.
  6. That’s Fixer, Techno from Thunderbolts’ villain identity. It’s a pretty boring look, and I’d rather get his Thunderbolts costume, but any Masters of Evil would be good.
  7. The only character I don't recognize is the guy to the right of the whirlwind. Happily take every single one of those characters that we haven't had yet in a heartbeat
  8. Rowdy Roddy Piper is up for preorder! He includes a 2nd hair piece and a Piper's Pit backdrop. This custom is a limited edition of 30 and you can preorder him here:
  9. Just got out of the movie. Without spoiling anything, first off best movie ever. Secondly, I don’t know if DST did not have the sources to do so, but I feel like there were a lot of missed opportunities. I really wish they could make a second wave or something along those lines.
  10. Yesterday
  11. And most of them have Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe figures. 😢
  12. Ult Hawkeye: MCU Batroc head will absolutely work perfectly for it with those Falcon goggles.
  13. You forgot Hercules of the 24th Century, Chaos War Hercules, Evolutionary War armor Hercules, Heroes for Hire Hercules, Ultimate Hercules, X-Treme X-Men Hercules. Two waves of Hercules it is.
  14. It's too bad we only have one or two of those characters, I'd love to get more from Under Siege.
  15. Greco-Roman redo Hercules & He-Man Hercules 90's armored Hercules & 90's unarmored Hercules Thorcules & Hercuthor Modern Hercules & Prince of Power Hercules BaF: naked Avengers Academy Hercules
  16. The official image of the Endgame Walgreens sets were released today, if anyone is interested. Still a shame that we didn’t get a Scalemail Captain America or an Stormbreaker Thor, but it’s not difficult to customize those.
  17. I'd stay through the mid credits since the credits themselves are a tribute to each MCU actor and are emotional on their own. But once you see credits you have seen every scrap of movie this movie has.
  18. After the wave of 8 different tigers with a flaming motorcycle BAF
  19. Nope! It's actually for Ultimate Hawkeye and an MCU Mysterio. But now I might need two of each piece. 🤔
  20. Oh oh! I got it. Goggles for Doctor Nemesis, Hawkeye straps for Domino and the chest for Colossus. There was a clue earlier haha. The goggles though - you're not going to be able to get a hairpiece down with them on. I was going to use them for my Hank Pym wasp but couldn't because of that. You might be better off getting a movie Winter Soldier head with the same sort of mask/goggles as Doctor Nemesis.
  21. Are they all for the same thing? Because I've spent a few minutes trying to work out who or what they could all go together to build... Is there a thread for parts request/swaps? Coz there really should be.
  22. Can we have an all Hercules wave featuring 8 of his different designs so we can all get the Hercules we want. BAF can be a 9th Hercules.
  23. MisterPL

    DC Vinimates

    Silver/Bronze Age versions with comic colors (IE - nothing metallic) would be fun. Put Barry on a cosmic treadmill!
  24. Found the full Walgreens wave in Newton, MA just now. The boxes are bright white and easy to identify from previous waves. No need to peg dive, no white showing, no new wave. 😂
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