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D&D 80s Cartoon

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Conversely, they probably stopped at Drizzt because he didn't sell very well. So there is that.

But +1 to BD because if Warduke is the Boba Fett of D&D, then Drizzt is the Luke Skywalker. Sure they lived in different worlds and timelines, but I'm speaking to comparable awareness and importance, relative to the IP.

You could do a lot worse than a set with Drizzt, Bruenor, Wulfgar, Cattie-Brie, Gwenhwyvar and Artemis Entreri. Even if you don't know any of these characters, I'm sure you've seen 1,000s of variations of these names as online handles, or have been heckled by the likes of "Jarlaxle69" or "RegisFTW."

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14 hours ago, elhonez said:

This is another line with some potentially exciting accessories and gear. But I'll probably be less cavalier about mining them for parts, mainly because I really want these characters.

This is an important statement... Most of my minimates career (going on 20 years now) has been looking and scouting parts that would work to make different GI Joe/Thundercats/etc... customs. It is really the only reason i started making customs, to have my favorite characters in the minimates form. So now, with all the Hasbro stuff, I really don't have to do that anymore, which is a little sad, but also makes me very happy, because these are the ones I've wanted the entire time... It hits the most true with D&D because the parts and accessories are so unique to each character, I've never been able to make them the way I'd like to. I'm looking forward to this next phase of minimates, where i just collect, enjoy, and don't have to modify anything, lol

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I always thought Strahd was a big name in the D&D world. But, with no one talking about I’m probably mistaken. LoL. One would also wonder if making a D&D figure named Vecna would be pretty good for brand awareness. But, I don’t know if the deal extends to include Vecna. A demigorgon would also be pretty eye opening. 

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Early days yet, pre-reveal, but yeah I may have to brace my wallet for multiple-set impact if I want to keep a lot of parts for customs.

And @SCW re: the probably rhetorical question in your sig:

you play scales, obviously

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