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Wave 83


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1 hour ago, NerdyTrev said:

I'm really impressed with how much I dig Kid Loki, given that I know nothing about the character. 

Can we expect that Hulkling's wings will be detachable?

I just checked, and yep, they are detachable.

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On 3/9/2023 at 2:36 PM, buttheadsmate said:

Another beautifully produced set which I look forward to seeing .


I'm still concerned about how much they cost ...wave 81 was/is available for $21 whilst wave 83 is nearly $48 !  I know we have debated this but... ?

Someone was selling Wave 81 new for $7 a pack? That's a bargain!

I think the MSRP on 81 was still $10 per two-pack, and costs have gone up, so that if we offered them, they would be $12-15 per pack (I believe the upcoming AEW 2-pack is $12). That means six figures would be $36-45.

Similarly, four-packs have traditionally been $30 (I think even that is going up), so by that math a six-pack should be $45.

Plus, we try to include a micro-Mate with every set (HERBIE, Lucky). 

So while cost increases in China (and everywhere) are real, we were really trying to manage pricing while increasing retailer (and casual customer) appeal. 

THAT SAID, we know $50 is a lot to dish out, so we are looking at reducing prices in the future, even if it means adjusting the number of figures in a set to make it more manageable. I'll keep everyone posted. Thank you everyone who has stuck with us.

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