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Phoenix Wave (Wave 81)


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14 hours ago, Chigarillo said:

Of course these come out this week while I leave for two weeks to Belize. Darn honeymoon getting in the way of collecting. Have to put in an order with look when I get back, hopefully they are still available…


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so i finally opened mine after about a week or so of having them, they look great! and it’s fun seeing them alongside the older mates


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1 hour ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

Did Cyclops ever wear a jacket with this costume? I know an old ToyBiz figure had that combination, but did it show up anywhere else?

I seem to recall he only wore it in the animated series, but never in the comics.

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  • 3 months later...

Hey all, some people have been asking to see what a Uriel Caton design sheet looks like, so here's one. It's Corsair, although I am not 100% sure this is the final design. It pre-dates Series 81 by a bit. Uriel often drew symmetrical characters in half only, and sometimes he only drew the faces if costumes were pre-determined, but this one is one of the more filled-in sheets. Either way, it's still super-cool, so I'm giving it away! 

Sound off below if you're interested, and I'll pick someone at random. I'll ship it flat so you can frame it. 



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That art is amazing! I have no place to give it its due though, so I hope someone else does!

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