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NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates


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2 hours ago, Mirymate said:

@BuffaloDelorean, that's assuming they kept that mold after all these years. And given the odds it wouldn't be used again I wouldn't blame them if they did. I was fully braced to be underwhelmed by the sword.

I'm not saying DST should have used Dante's sword, a generically inaccurate sword seems more likely to be approved than a specifically inaccurate one. I just think the Dante sword could be a more impressive alternative for anyone who wants to modify the figure.

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On 9/15/2017 at 12:36 PM, bigvis497 said:



3 hours ago, force2099 said:

So....are these gonna be put in a two-pack and offered to those who can't make it to the con?

Not that I know of. I'm honestly not even sure we have the rights to these characters outside of their giveaway. I definitely had this in mind when I mentioned the expansion, but I wasn't fully aware of the circumstances. As far as I know, there is no COC line planned, as everyone else is more or less in their regular outfit, but Ask DST!



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On 9/20/2017 at 2:11 PM, hellpop said:

JLU was my first action figure love... at the time, it was the most comprehensive line of DC characters we were likely to ever see (though DCUC at least approached it). Eventually, I soured on the line; it was a HUGE pain in the ass to collect. Seriously, if you think Minimates are bad, JLU back in the late 2000s would have driven you to despair. I sold off my collection for quite a handsome return, keeping only a few key figures. And then, a few years ago, I started to find the Matty Collector sets in the discount stores, and on Amazon, and suddenly I've got a big JLU collection again. Don't tell my wife.

BTW, I do have a Holiday Hal of sorts... I bought the SDCC set when it turned up at a discount store, then bought a headcast of the Holiday Hal head made for those bodies. Perfect. It's the only non-Minimate custom I've ever made.

I completely missed out that whole JLU convo.  I still have a complete JLU collection but boy was it difficult to try and find everything!  I also have the extra SDCC set with the headcast.  It looks just as good as the real thing.

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3 hours ago, Onyx_6 said:

So, is Guillotine an AU Deadpool character?  Very similar looking under suit. They look neat.

No, she's an OC created for the game and then inserted in the main continuity through the CoC Comic Book. She's a French Super-Hero with a Magic Sword and stuff.

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So just to clarify here, are there any NYCC Marvel Minimate exclusives beyond these two?

Just want to have a solid idea of what exactly I need to track down on ebay. (Assuming no one here can secure me a pair. Seems like a lot of people are asking though, so unless someone secures a whole case, I'm assuming I'll need to turn to ebay.)

I've never played CoC once, and know nothing about either character beyond what's already been mentioned in this thread, but as a Marvel Minimate completionist, I still feel I need to own both. At least they're superheroes, so they're just slightly less tangential than Firechief Max from the 2011 NYCC Spider-Man Exclusive 2-Pack... and he somehow still made it into my Marvel collection, lol.

I didn't realize until just now but jeeze... between Max and these two, NYCC sure holds the record for giving us some of the most marginally-related fringe Marvel exclusives, haha.

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