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So I don't play the Kingdom Hearts video game, but I like the Minimates.

The announcement of the third wave is interesting.  So the Disney based minimates from this series are as follows:

Sora, Master Form Sora, Space Paranoids Sora and Toy Story Sora

Mickey Mouse, Organization 13 Mickey, and the Mickey Mouse in wave 3 (not sure what segment he is with.)

Goofy and Space Paranoids Goofy

Donald Duck, Space Paranoids Donald Duck, and Pirate Donald Duck

Then there is Pete, the Soldier, Tron, Sark, Wreck-it Ralph, Jack Sparrow and Maleficent.

So We got Four Sora mates, Three each of Mickey and Donald, Two Goofy and one of everyone else.

I am excited for Maleficent and Wreck-it Ralph.  I would like to see more Space Paranoids characters or Tron-inspired characters, but I am happy with what we have.

I hope this line continues for a long time.


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12 hours ago, Trekker 42 said:

Can anyone who bought series 2 tell me if Master Form Sora comes with Kingdom Key or does he get a different Keyblade?

Just the Kingdom Key.

I'm considering looking into how hard it would be to 3D print some other keyblades, since the models from KH2 are easily floating around online. I have no clue where to start with getting them printed or rescaled for Minimates

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Looks like we got series 4 and some more Vinis at Toyfair:




Oof. Regular KH3 Sora and Baymax look awesome, and I'm happy we finally got a new keyblade, but this is disappointing to me still. Mike's going to feel incomplete without a Sully, we should have gotten one of the Toy Story characters to go with Toy Sora. Did we really need an Elizabeth Swan though? Please DST, what do I gotta do for you guys to produce characters originally from KH?

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I still haven't picked up wave 2 after my 2 pre-orders of wave 1 had garbage paint apps, but I've picked up more since then and I've just been waiting for a good opportunity to grab wave 2.

Im definitely excited for these 2 waves and will be pre-ordering at the earliest opportunity. 

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Baymax and Mike are pretty cool, but I agree that having Mike and not Sully is troubling. Hopefully this is a sign that DST is in it for the long haul with this line, and that they are spreading out the characters from the various Disney movies to draw out interest.

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2 hours ago, RedTiger95 said:

Just waiting for an Aqua figure, I guess Series 8 at this rate. Baymax looks nice. Swann over Woody or Hercules is kinda meh.

Yea we aren’t getting Aqua or characters like Riku, Kairi ever. Zach said there are 5 waves planned out and unless the Disney characters cause a big sales increase that wil be it.

DST is just doing what was in the promotional materials/trailers for KH3. The 5th wave will be something like this:

- Sora (monsters inc)/random Disney character

- Donald (monsters inc)/Sully

- Pirate Goofy/Barbossa

That will finish up the trio for monsters inc/pirates and give us more pirates minimates for whoever has a boner for them at DST. Elizabeth Swann in a kingdom hearts line....?

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Light Cycle came in today!





Disappointed that for a $15 "Deluxe" set, all it has is Sora and the Light Cycle. No accessories, not even a repainted Kingdom Key or display stand. I think having the Photon Debugger Keyblade, some alternate faces, or maybe a jumping stand for the Light Cycle would have been really cool. Maybe if it were Sora, a heartless, and the Light Cycle it would have been great. As it is though, it is satisfying to have the entirety of Sora's team in the Tron style, since it's by far the best world variant from 2

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17 hours ago, DSTZach said:

Characters need to be paired up within worlds, which limits who can come with pirate and monster versions of characters.

So the license actually restricts who can be in a pack together? And characters like mickey/maleficent can be together since they aren’t level specific?

It makes sense to put related figures together but what a ridiculously anal retentive requirement. 

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That's it, I'm done with this line. I kept trying to support it by buying each wave, but if they can't make the important characters then I refuse to buy anymore until they do. I can't believe the lightcycle got delayed but it didn't have the photon debugger keyblade.

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On 9/30/2019 at 11:28 AM, HellfireSamurai said:

Is the lightcycle only available online or has anyone seen it in actual stores & if so which stores? Not a Kingdom Hearts fan but I need that cycle for converting into a long overdue item on the Marvel side.

It was only sold to comic shops, as far as I know, so unless your local store has it you'll have to go online. The Shop.DST site has it, Luke may have it, not sure about EE and BBTS.

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