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Lost DC mates?


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All day today ive been looking for DC mates,specifically those that were cancelled. I know it sounds quite vague,but hopefully this will help. I remember there being an Alfred,Lex Luthor,and Solomon Grundy mate. Anyone have the album of pics,as well as other "lost" DC mates?

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I've wanted to know for years who was to be in that final DC Direct wave. I think I asked Chuck once, and he didn't remember, but I might be completely making that up. I know that Dan Pickett at Action Figure Insider knows. But, yeah, the info would probably just break my heart.


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Am I the only one that remembers the unreleased c3 playsets? I remember leaked photos from a Hong Kong toy show with a some crazy sets, some bigger than the batcave. I always wanted those and that Grundy. Oh Woe.

Also I totally forget all the time about the batman begins sets. We need pics of this old stuff up all the time.

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Just guessing, I'd think we probably would have gotten another JSAer to go with GL (maybe Dr. Mid-Nite or Hourman?), modern (Tim Drake) Robin to go with Two-Face, another JLAer (Firestorm?) to go with Zatanna, and either Darkseid or Kalibak as the oversize figure with Orion.

We need to delete this thread.


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i am literally crying.....

Still so gutted we never got these.

Just to add to the heartbreak, here are some of the minimates that were planned for DC Wave 9:

Alan Scott Green Lantern

This info was from DSTMatt back in the day. He couldn't remember the rest of the line-up.

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