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  1. Thanks everyone! Congrats to everyone who joined as well you all had great entries
  2. Sorry for the constant editing, but now Im finally satisfied with the pictures I took! I realized the darkness of the pictures really took away the effect I was going for, so I updated my entry with clearer pics!
  3. Thanks guys! I replaced one of my pictures with a shot of Eternity with normal lighting
  4. Time to throw my hat in the ring. Its felt like an eternity since theres been a contest. Its felt even MORE of an eternity since ive customized a minimate. Now Im not gonna make you wait an eternity to see my entry. This custom took about 4 hours to make, which is the exact opposite of an eternity. Ugh, these theatrics are taking an eternity. I proudly present Eternity!
  5. You can always count me in on a contest!
  6. Im a San Diego based collector, and yesterday while at the Chula Vista Walgreens (for those familiar) , I hustled my way to the toy aisle and boom; there was the 2099 pack waiting for me. Now I was only interested in Spiderman, so I gave my friend Agent Venom. As we leave the aisle, I see someone eagerly make there way to the to section,making a quick glance at the 2 pack that rests in my hand. I made a passing comment to my friend saying "I bet hes looking for the pack we just got", and laugh about the odds of that being the case. It turns out, that was the case, and as I get ready to pay for the figures, I look behind me and see him still in the toy aisle with a disappointed look on his face. So if youre on this board reading this right now.....sorry about that! Hahaha
  7. I remember nearly 10 years ago I joined this forum. First thing I did was get on peoples nerves. Second was to make my presence known by posting my customs. Painting minimates has always seemed to be a constant in my life. No matter where I was,what I was doing,It always came back to me sitting on my desk with a brush in my hand and a lamp shining brightly on my face. But its not that simple anymore. The harshness of reality has been kicking in lately. I used to wonder where the likes of Punisher and Shamrock went,but now I know. Both were my near my age (19) at the point they left,and Ive started to realize my self that there are priorities in life,and that some things have to take backseat to what you NEED to do. These past couples of months have been testing the hell out of me,and ive barely had time to even tend to pre-existing orders,and when I was painting,I was so stressed with everything else that had been going on in life that painting wasnt a form of solace anymore,but a hassle. Its been a good run. A damn good run,but now its time for me to put away the paints and brushes,Im going into retirement fellas. No more customs for me. I might collect the occasional mate,but right now there are much more important things to tend to. To make a short story long,Ill be attending college soon. Unfortunately,itll take up whats left of my free time,which means no more customs. But its not all bad,at least I managed to meet some badass members on this forum! Speaking of college,Im going to have to finance myself (books,transportation,etc) so heres a huge sale! Ill be selling the ENTIRETY OF MY MINIMATE COLLECTION. Now as a customizer,I dont really have a large collection per se,but when it comes to parts,man,I am set. The link to the ebay auction is below,or you can feel free to DM me. Id prefer this lot goes to someone who genuinely appreciates minimates. Whether you stuck around to read all of this or not,I just wanna take my time to say I appreciate my time spent here. Its been a good 9 years.
  8. Im not sure if anyone has noticed,but the helmet on the Ant-Man mate we are getting isnt based on the film,but the promotional art for the film. (Hail Ivan!) (Promo Art) (My modified Ant-Man)
  9. Evil scientist is played out. Fin Fang Foom would be badass. Maybe some creature from the microverse?
  10. God I hope so. Any Ideas on who can be a potential villain?
  11. If anyone is interested,Im selling these 2! 25$ each or 45$ for the pair
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