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  1. Hey Zach is there any info you can give on this? Iron Giant is my all time favorite animated movie. I have the Mondo one at home and would love one for my office.
  2. Here are some pictures of the Walgreens Minimates I found today.
  3. I really like the show. I got the whole Funko Snowball series. I'll probably get Squanchy and Summer from series two. I wish the Pickle Rick figure shown in the leak was real, I would've bought that in a heartbeat.
  4. Hey Zach, why did the select line get cancelled?
  5. I did not care for it. It's not bad, but not good either. The third act contained stunning visuals, and that Vader scene is great. I didn't connect with Jen Erso at all. I'll see it again in a couple weeks, and hopefully enjoy it more the second time.
  6. So are you saying Watchmen Minister are happening? You can PM me the answer if you dont want to announce it publicly ?
  7. I'm so stoked about Iron Giant, those minimates will look great next to my Mondo Iron Giant. Hogarth might have to go on the Mondo IG.
  8. The SDCC set showed up at my local Books a Million today.
  9. Hopefully this will be the last version of that particular Nick Fury.
  10. I do not have near the space I would like to display my Minimates, but for now these two small cases have to do.
  11. I would also like to review on MMC.
  12. Something about all of the character designs seem off. Cheap even. The only one I really like it Katana. Harley reeks of a Hot Topic clearance sale. Deadshot looks like he is off to play paintball, and takes it too seriously. Croc makes me think there will be a version of this scene in the movie. So far there is nothing shown that is compelling me to be excited for this movie. I completely expect it to be terrible.
  13. Here is my video review of the two Hawkeye and Ultron from Wave 61. I hope everyone likes it, I made a new light box and shot it on my GoPro. I have titled my review Minimadman's Minimate Minutes, click any of this text to see it.
  14. I love that it is the same design of the first hulk buster minimate.
  15. take the hair off and its a great start to a Heisenberg custom.
  16. Have they never heard the phrase Clown Prince of Crime? If they were making a Batman Beyond movie and this was the leader of a joker gang, I would not have any problem with that, but as just The Joker, it kind of sucks.
  17. I'm in. If I wanted to do the Hawkeye / Ultron, could I do the regular and the variant as one review?
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