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  1. Thanks! Here are pics of Cobra Commander with the 25th anniversary swamp skiier.
  2. Tremendous! Let me be another to echo my happiness and excitement with this set. Just got it yesterday from Luke, and I love them. Perhaps the character I care for the least in this set--Scarlett, is my favorite Minimate of the bunch. Executed so well. Just a great distillation of her, from the details on the suit to the ponytail to the crossbow. But Storm Shadow is a close second. The sword holster works really well and the little design details make him stand out. He's only missing his nunchaku! If and when we get toon-accurate versions, I'll replace this Cobra Commander, but this one is quite serviceable when you remove the cape. I didn't notice before that the stripe is sculpted onto his helmet, though it isn't colored here. My one slight disappointment with the set may be Snake Eyes. I think I personally would have preferred a simple tampo for his visor. As it is, the head seems really bulky. And I appreciate the effort DST went to to give him all his straps, etc., but it makes him a bit busy and hard to pose. The knife bends when you put it in his sheath. Having said that, I still like him a lot, and am very happy with this purchase. I might dig around in my collection to see if there is something approximating his '85 backpack that I could modify for his use. And he's missing the uzi, so I'll have to look for a replacement on that front, as well. My first non-custom Minimate purchase in probably 2 or 3 years! We need MORE!!!
  3. Not sure about others, but I always see Minimates at Walgreens. The problem is that the popular ones folks seem to want are never around. Not sure if they just get gobbled up more quickly, or never make it out to the floor because the older ones are taking up the space.
  4. Yeah, definitely Grimlock. And Grimlock is KING! Those Joes look so good. Excited for those.
  5. Agreed. . .so long as it is actually Zartan disguised as Scarlett.
  6. Yes, please. I think MASK and Visionaries would make for absolutely terrific Minimates. COPS. . .fighting crime in the future time!
  7. Very exciting news. Gimme everything 1984-1986 and I'm gonna buy buy buy.
  8. I was looking up at the wrestling 'Mates on top of my desk, and immediately knew that Austin needed to join them. He looks awesome! And that's the bottom line!
  9. I sent you a discord friend request onyx. Looks like your best time is around 1-3 am here, unfortunately. But if you can do some earlier in the day I could assist.
  10. I sent those friend invites. What is a good time of day to send you aussies invites, in your local time? And I'm definitely up for a Facebook group. Or discord-I have the app on my phone now onyx.
  11. I'm also interested in being invited to some of the Asian-exclusive raids, Nessex. I'm srobis2 on Go, and my second account is FlintZartan if you need another helper. I'll send you an invite from my second account. Onyx, did you get those guys the last go around? The three of us could really go to town on these guys if we could coordinate, though the time zone difference obviously creates a challenge. By the way, thanks to Onyx for telling me about the new Pokemon Home app. You can download it, and trade for a Meltan box (previously you needed the Switch game). I just used my first Meltan lure from this tonight and got about 250 candies on each account over the course of an hour. Guy is a total beast in PVP.
  12. Not thrilled about some of the new pvp encounters. But, I did get this. I've caught 18 Rayquazas over the last week, but no shiny and nothing over 93% with IVs. But that's probability for you.
  13. I'm going to hit a Rayquaza raid in around 45 minutes to an hour from now. Do you want invites? I just sent you a friend invite to my second account, by the way (FlintZartan).
  14. Yeah, it's hard to coordinate sometimes. I joined a chat group on Facebook for the locals here and was able to remotely catch two rayquazas today, but it takes lots of communication and attention.
  15. I'll keep that in mind. I've been raiding a lot the last couple of days.
  16. I love how Luke digs so deeply with some of these Marvel customs. Compared to the normal Joe I'm a comic supergeek, but even I haven't heard of half of the guys he finds here!
  17. There have been lots of events and movements over the last several years that have caused me to genuinely re-think my assumptions about our world and my place in it. I've always tried to be a critical thinker, but when you are so embedded into a social and historical context you sometimes don't even know what questions to ask. I think it's important that we keep working to confront issues that make us uncomfortable, and figuring out how to ensure that everyone has a fair shake, and isn't exploited by the status quo. . .but my fear is that the backlash may offset any gains we make on that front. The 1960s were a time when there was so much optimism, but a "silent majority" existed, and that movement was undercut in the following decades. Fear of change is one of the most galvanizing forces out there, and when people get a taste of power and privilege they aren't keen on giving it up. But also, these issues are complicated, and I think that one negative side effect of cultural movements like this is that they push people to the extremes. "Cancel culture" exists if you aren't purely aligned with what is considered the right side of history, and almost everyone is vilified by someone else. But to truly move forward I feel we should welcome open conversations, and not shut people down just because they have a dissenting voice. Nor should we treat people as worthless and unsalvageable because they made mistakes in the past. We are all fallible, but have the potential for great, positive change.
  18. I just sent you an invite from my primary and secondary (formerly daughters') account. Good luck getting those guys. I never got a Chingling in my primary account.
  19. My daughter got the raph figure and loves it. Thanks Zach!
  20. Pretty sure I had that gun on the top left, but can't remember what it was for. Seems like it attached itself to a vehicle of some kind. Maybe it was a Transformer. Crossbow also looks familiar. I want to say it was for a figure that could grip it by the stock. Really useful, I know
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