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  1. Agreed. . .so long as it is actually Zartan disguised as Scarlett.
  2. Yes, please. I think MASK and Visionaries would make for absolutely terrific Minimates. COPS. . .fighting crime in the future time!
  3. Hope you had a great one, Luke!
  4. Very exciting news. Gimme everything 1984-1986 and I'm gonna buy buy buy.
  5. I was looking up at the wrestling 'Mates on top of my desk, and immediately knew that Austin needed to join them. He looks awesome! And that's the bottom line!
  6. I sent you a discord friend request onyx. Looks like your best time is around 1-3 am here, unfortunately. But if you can do some earlier in the day I could assist.
  7. I sent those friend invites. What is a good time of day to send you aussies invites, in your local time? And I'm definitely up for a Facebook group. Or discord-I have the app on my phone now onyx.
  8. I'm also interested in being invited to some of the Asian-exclusive raids, Nessex. I'm srobis2 on Go, and my second account is FlintZartan if you need another helper. I'll send you an invite from my second account. Onyx, did you get those guys the last go around? The three of us could really go to town on these guys if we could coordinate, though the time zone difference obviously creates a challenge. By the way, thanks to Onyx for telling me about the new Pokemon Home app. You can download it, and trade for a Meltan box (previously you needed the Switch game). I just used my fi
  9. Dark Knight Kubricks, too! I am as happy as a little girl :teehee: :teehee:
  10. I often find myself searching through old posts on the boards here, trying to find out if anyone had discovered whether a certain accessory, stand, or vehicle is compatible with Minimates or not. So, I thought it might make some sense to pool together all relevant links to threads and other web pages in one place, as a resource for those of us looking for vehicles, dioramas, accessories, stands, etc. that are compatible with Minimates. Here are the links that I have found which have dealt with specific compatibility inquiries: dioramas/play sets:
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