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Thundercats Minimates

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3000 ish of each T'cat set was produced soooooooooooo if AFX were to commission another run of box set #1 then logically [ my logic at least] all the other sets would then become rarer than the first ....& off we'd go again asking for more of sets #2 - #5

Just saying.

Make a slightly different version of the first box set & AFX would have a winner.

What would I know ?

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I picked up the first set because it's Thundercats and I love that property. I hoped they'd make all of the 'cats and was quite surprised they went as deep as they did. I'm just happy to have all of the main characters all in the same scale and style. Plus they look really cool on display with the Thundertank and Cat's Lair.

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I'm not trying to tag anybody specifically, but I missed out on Series 1 and was thinking of picking up these, and then when I looked for the first set and saw how much they were selling for, I pretty much decided there was no point in pursuing the rest. I know toy companies don't typically do second runs much anymore, but if you're going to put so many major characters together and never make the set available again, you're kind of shooting the rest of the line in the foot.

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Yeah they keep pushing Sets 2-4 and can't seem to get rid of them. If I could get a Set 1 at a good price I'd snag the others so I could have a complete set MOC. But I hesitated when Set 1 was easier to get and have been kicking myself ever since.

I look at it this way, you are practically getting 3 sets for the price of one, so the high cost of the 1st set shouldn't sting as bad. In my opinion anyway ;-) I do completely understand the dilema, but even in those 3 sets, there are a ton of unique and cool parts you won't get anywhere else, which could be great for customizing a ton of different styled figures, and i think with set 4 you get PAnthro and lion-0's belts as extras, along with a sword of omens. I may grab them for that reason, even though i have extras already. Just my twocents.gif

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