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  2. By the way, the pegs on the stands in this set are are messed up - the peg is way too small for a Minimate foot hole. Otherwise it is a great looking set. I will post a yay shot tomorrow.
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  4. Just got a shipping notification from Luke. woo-hoo!
  5. I really wanted to do this one, but I just never had the time. The entries are super good this time around!
  6. Voted. That was really tough, though. There were some excellent executions, but also some exceptionally cool concepts.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Didn't Zach say there would be? I could just be misremembering. There's a lot of unreleased product already so I'm not sure how much new we'll see. Marvel 79 would be nice, though.
  9. So, any Minimates or Vinimates exclusives this year?
  10. yes captain marvel especially but i would take others too
  11. Luke, you had some awesome entries for this contest. I wanted to try to make something to enter in the contest, but too busy. However, you have some very GREAT entries and I wish everyone the best of luck. I really like the possibilities of Alternate Universes and all those who were able to submit and entry to this contest did a great job. I would vote for all of you if it was an option.
  12. True! There's actually a lot of MOTU items on Shapeways, so making customs of those characters is easier that you'd think.
  13. we know how cool MOTU Minimates would be!
  14. It's time to cast your votes in our Alternate Universe Custom Contest! We received some amazing entries that you definitely need to see:
  15. The Captain Marvel set? That is a bloody lovely set!
  16. I was going to say, "Or Nimrod" but then I remembered there's already an official Nimrod minimate, a fact which momentarily slipped my mind, so that would be a rather lackluster custom choice. And Mastermold is the only other Sentinel-y enemy I can think of and his scale makes him rather... not probable. That said there are other potential candidates. There was a big crossover of anti-mutant villains a few years back... Stryker, Bastion, Donald Pierce... I want to say Cameron Hodge... maybe others I'm forgetting. Could be any of them.
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  18. So if Bastion is June and July is an X-Villian from the 80s linked to June... That’s got to be William Stryker right? Debuted in 1983(?) and recently came into possession of Nimrod’s gauntlet before being killed, resurrected by Bastion and sent after Hope Summers. August I’m thinking Titania or Constrictor.
  19. Anyone going and willing to help me get the Lego exclusives?
  20. thats Crete-zy why dont you Talos all about it
  21. Weird . I'm in Crete & I've just spent some while today reading about a mythical Crete bronze robot/automaton called guessed.......Talos .
  22. Nope, DST incorrectly named him, it should be Talos
  23. I filled out a preorder form to pay for a full year, and i never got the invoice to pay. Are these still coming??
  24. For people who've seen the movie, is there any real reason we're getting this Skrull instead of the Ben Mendelson one?
  25. Just in time for the third season of Jessica Jones!
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