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Ghostbusters Minimates-Movies

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Just found the TRU wave this morning. 4 of the exclusive Phase Four Rowan/Mr. Stay Puft, 4 of each Ghostbuster, with Abby and Patty together. After the awful TRU reset, these were with the Mattel Ghostbuster stuff, not with the rest of the Minimates or the bulk of the DST Ghostbuster Selects.

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1 hour ago, youbastards said:

Literally scroll up to Myte's or Zach's pictures.

Literally scroll up to MisterPL's picture. I was referring to removing the tags from the figures with Goo Gone™ altogether since the characters in the film don't always wear them. ;) 

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So - resurrecting an old thread from the almost nearly dead... but has anyone seen the Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with lights and sound?  It's pretty amazing and it's $45.  The Firehouse is less than $70. 

Lego, Playmobil, Hot Wheels - it doesn't seem that there is any shyness about licensing the Ecto-1. 

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Did not know it had lights and sound. Have you picked any up yet? I am trying to figure out if the scale is correct for Minimates.

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I know there hasn't been a ton of MInimates news coming out lately, but there's a few good things around the corner, and I wanted to kick off the new year with some positive vibes, so here's the first in a series of giveaways. I found my box of old promos, and I found three of the NYCC GB Ecto Promo Mates, which will always be a painful reminder to me that we never made another one in pink. The first three responders who post here and DON'T HAVE ONE ALREADY will get them -- honor system, guys. (Full disclosure, while bagged, the peeling stickers are kind of gunky from coming home in my shoulder bag, so you may want to open and enjoy them.) 

fig2093flg.jpg.e31c3fcb24dc23ddc1bf5ca5150ca7e9.jpgHail Ivan!

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