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  1. Honestly, I really only noticed your birthday was coming up last week when I was checking here to see if you were still alive.
  2. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays old friend! Very, very old friend. At least I'm assuming it's 100 candles this year. If not, it's got to be close, right? It's hard to remember specifics (since I've been gone so long), but I do remember you being quite elderly back in the days of my being a MMMV regular. Not like I have to explain having a hard to remembering things to an old timer such as yourself. Again, hoping for an amazing day for you Mr. Beavis. I know me posting here pales in comparison to the birthday message you get from the queen when you turn your age, but maybe this'll brighten your day just a little nonetheless.
  3. *blows dust off of login and password* Last night, I had a dream about attending a Minimate Multiverse reunion meetup. The turnout was great with several of the 'old guard' of the board in attendance. It was a literal Who's Who of the original members that made this place great. The only issue was the resort we met at ended up being part of a nudist colony. Everyone decided they were comfortable with that and decided to bare it all (I specifically remember Eric Dlugoklinski being especially eager to disrobe publicly). The group photo was even more traumatizing. I say it was a dream, but nightmare is probably a better term. In fact, I actually booked a series of appointments with a therapist before posting this. Not sure what this says about my psyche, but it can't be anything good. Who knew it would take a dream about a naked buttheadsmate to get me back on the forum boards?
  4. I checked this morning and there were still no Minimates from the Shadow. After all this time, doesn't a movie like this deserve the Minimates treatment? As disappointing as this is, I guess it does mean we're six weeks closer to Spring.
  5. Yeah, not Minimates, but thought I'd share a lesser publicized new figure line, Pixel Pals. They're exclusive to GameStop/Think Geek stores now, but should be available other places as time goes on. I picked up a Mega Man yesterday and they are amazing. Can't really say why, but I have a good feeling this line is going to be awesome.
  6. Yeah, I'm still trying to get rid of what all I have left, but have taken a liking to Dorbz. Sadly, the X-Dorbz looked too good to pass up, but then seeing the Blackbird with Beast kind of sealed it for me.
  7. For Nessex (in case you wanted in box pics or didn't know about the Mystery Mini line):
  8. Thanks hp. I'm actually able to do some custom requests now and am planning an order soon. I'll hit you up with a pm soon with details so be thinking about what you might want.
  9. Thanks so much for the well wishes, even the ones from last year. Even though it's been three years since I (kinda) left here, I'm still reminded of how many friends I've made that go beyond just collecting plastic. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks Zach. I now have my new quest, Challenge accepted.
  11. All I can say is that if there aren't pics of Squirrel Girl from SDCC, I'm leaving the forum.
  12. Hope your birthday is totally nuts (and is also filled with other cringe-worthy puns)!
  13. I gotta agree with you there Nessex. And I'll consider Squadron Supreme. I admit I'm not completely familiar with their roster so I have to ask, are there any rodent-themed members?
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