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  1. *blows dust off of login and password* Last night, I had a dream about attending a Minimate Multiverse reunion meetup. The turnout was great with several of the 'old guard' of the board in attendance. It was a literal Who's Who of the original members that made this place great. The only issue was the resort we met at ended up being part of a nudist colony. Everyone decided they were comfortable with that and decided to bare it all (I specifically remember Eric Dlugoklinski being especially eager to disrobe publicly). The group photo was even more traumatizing. I say it was a dream, but
  2. I've never been a fan of vinyl toys until Mighty Muggs came along. I loved the look and mixture of characters, but they really didn't last long enough and couldn't go beyond Hasbro properties. Then a few months ago I finally caved and bought some Pop! figures from Funko and I am now officially hooked. I think I've only collected for three months or so now, but here's my collection: Am I the only one around here who's been wasting my money collecting these?
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