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Harley Quinn (HBO Max) Minimates?

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I just finished both seasons of Harley Quinn on HBO Max and I gotta say, this show is perfect for the Minimates treatment.

There are tons of unique characters and costumes. There’s a solid mix of “A-list” characters and “C/D-listers”. It seems to have a large cult following that is still growing. Harley Quinn as a character has her own cult following. No other toy lines have released product for this show. And mostly, it’s another chance to get some new DC Minimates (similar to the Gotham show).

Harley has at least 3-4 different costumes. The supporting characters are amazing. The entire Justice League and bat-rogues galley is in it. I can see several different series just from two seasons.

Harley Quinn and Killer Shark.

Poison Ivy and Kite Man.

Harleen Quinzel and Joker.

Batman and Clayface.

Dr. Psycho and Wonder Woman.

Harley Quinn (OG costume) and Riddler.

Sy Borgman and Frank.

Queen of Fables and Superman.

Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl.

Catwoman and Bane.

Two-Face and Scarecrow.

Aquaman and bathing suit Harley.

Darkseid and super powered Harley.


This list goes on and on.


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42 minutes ago, NerdyTrev said:

I have to ask... what is the allure of this show? Is this really what people wanted to see?

It is not at all what I wanted or expected, but it’s a blast. I get how it can be over the top for people who were expecting something along the lines of Batman: The Animated Series or Young Justice though.

DC has cranked out “dark and serious” stuff over and over again. This is a welcome breath of fresh air for me.

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I'm invariably behind the times , I watched 'Joker' at the weekend with little anticipation , the years have seen me tire of the whole 'superhero' film genre .


What a film ...what a stupendously brilliant film .   

Regards DC Minimates ? Sigh .:confused:     Anybody made a Joker (2019) custom ? I was thinking a 'Tuxedo Beetlejuice' 'mate would be a fine basemate?

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Not getting Fish is a real travesty.

And a definite yes on Minimates from the Harley show. The style is great and we need more DC mates!

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